Recognized as one of 2015’s Best Places to Work in Business Insurance.

Insurance Advisory:
The Relationship Business

Become our client’s informed ally.

At PayneWest it’s not just about selling insurance. It’s about understanding each one of our clients so that we can work together to help them assess risk, understand it, decode it and, ultimately, be confident they can protect themselves and their assets against it.

PayneWest. A major independent player.

We’re a top-40 U.S. insurance agency, operating throughout the Rocky Mountains and Northwest. We’re growing, creating new opportunities in new markets, and always seeking innovative ways to find better solutions for our clients, colleagues and communities.

As a regional and industry leader, we’re different from other insurance companies. We’re independent, employee-owned, community-minded and people-focused. Most importantly, we’re relationship builders and knowledgeable risk advisors. Our business is about a lot more than agents selling insurance.


We’re always on the lookout for people who want to build great relationships, challenge tradition and do business differently.

Will you rise to the challenge?

Whether you’re a recent graduate, experienced in the industry or seeking a career transition, we may well have a great opportunity for you.

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Our Unique Culture

When it comes to where you can work in the world of insurance, it’s not one-size-fits-all. Working for a big national insurance corporation is quite different from working for a small, locally owned agent. We believe we’ve managed to create something special that brings together the best elements of both. We’re proud that our “something special” was instrumental in our being named one of 2015’s Best Places to Work in Business Insurance.

Clients. Colleagues. Communities.

First and foremost, our business remains rooted in a belief system. We summarize it simply as “Clients. Colleagues. Communities.”

At PayneWest, our culture is driven by our core values. These values allow us to serve our three C’s:


We listen to and learn from each other. We support and celebrate differences.

We encourage openness, honesty and giving each other the benefit of the doubt.

We respect our planet and strive to make environmentally conscious business decisions. We treat our clients, colleagues and communities with fairness, decency and good citizenship.


We understand that trust is earned. We earn trust through professionalism, doing what is right and always being honest.


We are accountable to every entity and individual that we interact with — including each other. We are all equally responsible for the organization’s successes and failures. We hold one another accountable for our behaviors and measureable results.


We strive to be a culture of continual improvement within our industry and our communities. We invest in tools and resources that allow for continual development of our expertise and acumen. Every colleague takes responsibility to develop himself or herself as a professional. We stay at the forefront of our industry by encouraging collaboration and innovation. We never sacrifice value and quality.


We encourage balance within all aspects of our organization. When you get one of us, you get all of us. We are a team of colleagues who work together across all lines of business, geography and function. We respect quality of life and nurture a balanced professional and personal environment.

These aren’t just words, and this isn’t just lip service. It’s ingrained in whom we hire, how we develop them, how we work together and serve our clients, and where we focus our energies individually and collectively in our communities.

Our benefits rock.

We’re large enough to be able to offer one of the region’s most competitive reward packages: packages that go beyond top-quartile compensation and include partially-subsidized retirement savings, health insurance, generous vacation allowance and our unique profit-sharing arrangement so that our people share in the success of the business. We also provide time and opportunities for our people to do important work in our communities.

And, we’re very focused on personal learning and professional development — on the one hand, because it’s one way of ensuring our colleagues thrive in their careers, and on the other hand because the dynamism and change in our industry demands we do this for our clients.


The PayneWest Advantage

Independent and employee-owned.

Many of our competitors offer a range of owned, branded products and services. This approach has its merits. However, we believe that only by remaining independent and being able to develop relationships with a wide range of different providers and carriers can we provide the best selection of choices and flexibility for our clients.

That independence also allows us to be employee-owned, so that our employees at all levels have “skin in the game” and are engaged in the success of our clients and our business.

Risk advisors. Claims advocates.

The latest trend in insurance is to DIY it: Go online and self-select the levels and types of insurance you think you need.

In truth, people may pay less for their insurance that way. But they’re paying less because they’re getting less — less coverage, more limitations, bigger deductibles and so on.

The way our team operates is all about being an advisor and an advocate. Our custom process — called “P3”— provides a framework that helps determine the most cost-effective strategy to managing risk based on each client’s unique circumstances. This process is quick, flexible and allows us to apply our knowledge to get better results. We provide guidance that helps clients avoid pitfalls and ensures the right level of protection for their businesses, possessions and families. What’s more, we have a dedicated claims advocacy team whose sole role is to act on behalf of our clients to make sure their claims are realized in full.

Right-sized and present.

We are a top-40 national firm formed from one of the biggest-ever mergers in our industry. We trace our roots back to 1921. We serve more than 30 communities in Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington — so we’re also a far cry from a big, faceless entity traded on Wall Street.

And we’re present: We’re close to our clients and our communities — most of our offices are about the same size as our smaller, local competitors. So we work hard to take advantage of this in order to maintain a family feel and a team environment — and it also means that we see our clients more, and get to know them better.

Regional reach and local offices, this is another important way we ensure we get the balance right for our clients, colleagues and communities.

Your Career at PayneWest

The world of insurance is interesting and dynamic — and it requires a diverse range of people and skills to succeed. Our needs range from people who can develop new client relationships, to those who excel at client service, to those with technical and support expertise.

Learn about the industry.

We’re proud members of MyPath, a collaborative insurance industry effort that runs an exceptionally informative site called insuremypath. To find out more about working in the insurance industry, we invite you to check out that site.

Opportunities at PayneWest. And what we look for.

We look for a number of things in people. We look for people who share our values because, as you’d imagine, cultural fit is important. We need people who share our passion for Clients. Colleagues. Communities.

We also look for evidence of technical and behavioral competence for the role in question, appropriate to its level and performance expectations. And we take into account willingness and ability to learn, since we provide learning and development opportunities at all levels.

And in many cases we’ll focus on industry-specific niche expertise so that we can have deeper conversations with clients whose businesses we genuinely understand.

We occasionally have opportunities in:

  • Administrative
  • Claims
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Legal
  • Loss Prevention
  • Marketing / Communications
  • Regional / Branch Operations — Risk Management
  • Sales & Operations
  • Management
  • Sales / Producers