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Vineyard and Crop Insurance

It's more than just grapes It's taking care of a way of life

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In the last decade, the number of wineries in Washington boomed from 650 to just under 1,000. And the amount of grapes crushed rose from 156,000 tons in 2009 to 229,000 tons in 2017.

All that’s to say, vineyards are expanding and the amount of complexity in their day-to-day operations isn’t getting any easier. Every vineyard, winery and custom crush operation is unique with its own set of unique risks. Our approach is to look at each one holistically, from insuring the crop to offering contract review to providing workers’ comp all the way down.


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Jenna Weber leverages her 10 years of insurance experience and 20 years of cumulative sales and marketing experience to help design, market, and service insurance programs for her clients. Her specializations are in the healthcare and agribusiness industry. Jenna attended Yakima Valley College and then later completed a certificate program with the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business. She is a proud graduate of the AgForestry Leadership Program (Class 39) and has spearheaded the wine and vineyard industry initiative at PayneWest, working with dozens of wine industry clients throughout the Pacific Northwest.


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