Living near the rims has its benefits. Amazing views. Backyard wildlife. Seclusion and privacy. But, with all of those rewards comes a unique risk — rockslides.

Rockslides happen when existing weakness, like large cracks, become unstable as a result of freeze-thaw action, wetting and drying, temperature changes and human disturbances.

Most insurance agencies offer no type of policy that will cover damage caused by earth movement. So, PayneWest Insurance worked closely with our partner at Cincinnati Insurance to identify a homeowners’ insurance product that would provide protection against rockslides. Our rockslide insurance removes the exclusion for “earth movement” from your homeowners’ insurance policy and covers your dwelling and contents for limited water damage, sudden intrusion, and more, all at an affordable premium.

This unique coverage is offered through PayneWest Insurance for homeowners in the Billings area. Because we want you to also enjoy peace of mind while you enjoy your home in the rims.

Don’t let an unfortunate incident leave you at rock bottom. Contact one of our experts who can help you protect all the things you love about where you live.

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