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2019 Riscovery® Insights Report

Recognizing the value of common trends and insights across industry sectors, we commissioned our first annual risk management survey: The 2019 Riscovery® Insights Report.

In the Riscovery® Insights Report, you’ll find risk benchmark information facing construction, health care, agribusiness and a variety of other industries curated from over 100 responses from all professional levels surveyed.

Running a business is an adventure; you can start with a destination in mind but without a map it’s easy to wander off the path. The Riscover® process lets us plan for your future while looking around the hidden corners at risks you might never anticipate. Think of it like this: we’re providing a map, a compass, and a GPS tracker so you know what to expect as you hike the mountain.

Riscover® is all about shining a light on the dark part of the woods. It’s not enough to simply know what risks are out there; you need to have the right protections in place when they come. John Muir said, “The mountains are calling and I must go.” Let’s hit the trail.

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