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Executive Summary

While not out of the woods yet, it’s refreshing to see the composite rate for all lines of coverage in the U.S. starting to trend down.

If the global pandemic that started just over a year ago has taught us one thing, it’s we are “all in this together” when it comes to building a strong resiliency network. Together, we can employ and efficiently direct our talents to address forthcoming risks such as climate change, cyber security incidents, supply chain issues, business interruptions, and political uncertainty.

This report provides some initial thoughts on these developing concerns so we can find ways to avoid the fallout from the next pandemic—in whatever form that might take. Addressing these global concerns ultimately influences the insurance market conditions. Let’s keep driving the downward trends together.


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Denise Perlman, CIC, Executive Vice President, Business Insurance & National Partnerships. This content is for informational purposes only.  Consult your actual insurance policy for details regarding terms, conditions, coverage, and exclusions.

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