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During this time, we are working with clients to be proactive and institute innovative measures to mitigate health care increases. We  also know that employee engagement and well being are  top of mind during  this uncertain time. Employees deserve a well-rounded benefits package and employers deserve financial sustainability. We think you can have both.


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We recommending talking with your broker about the following opportunities, options and alternatives:

  • Consider a Different Funding Mechanism – Look at alternatives to the traditional fully-insured options.
  • A Full Analytics Platform with Comprehensive Reporting Capabilities – Find opportunities to reduce spending, improve employee education or identify gaps in care.
  • An Independent Pharmacy Benefit Management Audit – An in-depth review to make sure you’re getting the most out of your pharmacy contract.
  • Stop Loss Evaluation – Make sure you have the best type of contract for your needs.
  • Captive Stop Loss Options – Consider taking the next step in alternative funding.
  • Compliance Resources and a Full Compliance Assessment – Make sure you don’t get ‘stung’ in a compliance audit.
  • Communication Tools for Employees and HR Assistance – Improve communication to help you do the right thing for your employees and your organization.
  • Telemedicine – Provide the resources your employees need at an affordable cost.

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