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Reflecting on Summer

By Mindy Carver


Summertime! There’s just something about this time of year – full of hope and promise for fun times ahead, anticipation of seeing friends and family (I have TWO family reunions this year!), and in our part of the country the “endless daylight of July.” (In quotes because it’s borrowed from a song by Montana singer/songwriter Mike Murray, called “Bury Me in Montana When I Die”.)

I’m sure those of you that are lucky enough to live in Idaho, Oregon or Washington feel the same about your home states. Bottom line – the Northwest is simply the best place in the entire country and we are all so very lucky to call it home.  Fortunately or unfortunately, we’ve been discovered too. I’ve never seen so many different license plates in my life. As a kid we played the license plate game when we were on vacations, the object of which was to spot the most state license plates. I believe I’ve spotted them all!

While COVID and its variants continue to hang around, and we all still need to take precautions to stay healthy and keep others healthy, the beginning of this summer sure feels different than the beginning of summer 2020. Reflecting on last summer, the word “strange” comes to my mind. My guess is most of you feel the same, and our reasons are as varied as each one of us. We saw the very best of human behavior, and we also saw the very worst of human behavior. Even though the ‘worst’ gets the most press, the ‘best’ still happens far more often. At the end of the day most of us truly do have hearts of gold and want to be our best selves, do our best work and be there for others when they need us. And if there is anything we’ve learned over the past 16 months it is that we need each other, desperately, and our actions (or inactions) matter. Humanity matters.

At the end of this summer we plan on getting back to normal, or a new normal, anyway. The way we work has changed and is likely forever changed, in many very positive ways. What has not changed, and never will, is that we all serve at the pleasure of our clients, and the only way to distinguish ourselves from others (industry competitors and all others that provide any services) is to know our stuff, be available and work together for their benefit. To do all that well, we need to be together for a good part of the time. Looking forward to actually seeing all of you soon, back in our offices, back together.

P.S. Earlier this month I got to take an e-bike up Going to the Sun Road to the top of Logan Pass in Glacier National Park. So fun! This is my triumphant photo. Have a wonderful summer!


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