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Personal Colleagues

Rachel Cook Sales Executive 509-853-4223
Laurie Larson Client Manager 509-853-4236

Business Colleagues

Tyson Baker Sales Executive 509-853-4206
Jenna Banks Account Manager 509-955-1305
Jacquie Bickel Senior Account Manager 509-853-4225
Jana Bland Senior Account Manager 509-853-4226
Linda Clark Support Specialist 509-853-4230
Jedean Corpron Sales Executive 509-853-4237
Cheree' Dennison Account Manager 509-853-4213
Nate Fulton Agribusiness Specialty Practice Director 509-853-4209
Alyssa Goins Sales Executive 509-955-1301
Grace Hayes Senior Support Specialist 509-955-1303
Linda Koreski Support Specialist 509-853-4201
Janelle Larios Support Specialist 509-853-4233
Marie Loran Senior Account Manager 509-955-1304
Steve Macke Sales Executive 509-853-4212
Renee Martin Account Manager 509-853-4227
Garrett Matzke Sales Executive 509-955-1308
Gerry McGree Sales Executive 509-955-1302
Julie Shaw Account Manager 509-853-4228
Ann Smith Account Associate 509-853-4208
Sam Stych Account Manager 509-853-4205
Melissa Van Every Account Manager 509-853-4224
Tara Vanderhoof Account Associate 509-955-1306
Jenna Weber Sales Executive 509-853-4220
Jeff Widdows Agriculture Practice Technical Specialist 509-853-4222
Kyle Womach Sales Executive 509-955-1307

Benefit Planning Colleagues

Toby Casarez Sales Executive 509-853-4204
Debbie Hall Account Manager 509-853-4218
Ronda Ide Sales Executive 509-853-4232
Amy Meara Account Manager 509-853-4219
Carla Savage Sales Executive 509-853-4238
Theresa Sewell Senior Account Manager 509-853-4216

Stieg Colleagues

Karl Klewin Sales Executive 509-853-4229
John Watson Sales Executive 406-403-0009


Ann Bowen Training and Administrative Services Director 509-853-4202
Amanda Couvillon Administrative Associate 509-853-4203
Tiffany Thoeny Administrative Associate 509-853-4203