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Personal Colleagues

Bilguujin Chuluunbaatar Intern 509-755-9312
Lei Ann Cross Sales Executive 509-755-9307
Jennie Esh Support Specialist 509-755-9315
Shantel Hernandez Account Manager 509-363-4031
Jami Hicks Account Manager 509-755-9320
Ryan Jeffry Intern 415-578-8918
Kayla Kees Account Manager 509-363-4014
Jeff Mayer Senior Support Specialist 509-755-9326
Jean Merkel Client Relations Director 509-755-9328
Nanette Miller Sales Executive 509-755-9324
Jon Mitchell Sales Executive 509-755-9322
Vera Perich Account Manager 509-363-4007
Josh Popowski Account Manager 509-363-4037
Jeramee Sauls Sales Executive 509-755-9311
Lauren Sfeir Communications Associate 509-755-9335

Business Colleagues

Dylan Arre Sales Executive 509-789-7442
Faustine Ball Account Manager 509-789-7446
Isabel Barichievich Specialty Practice Project Manager 509-789-7444
Tara Bowles Account Manager 509-363-4023
Sean Bulger Account Manager 509-789-7448
Gerry Bulger Sales Executive 509-363-4012
Mike Chandler Sales Executive 509-363-4041
James Clegg Sales Executive 509-789-7438
Marla Davenport Account Manager 509-755-9302
Thomas Denison Account Manager 509-363-4016
Austin Ehlo Sales Executive 509-981-5125
Eddie Eugenio Sales Executive 509-363-4001
Kathi Gehrs Account Manager 509-363-4009
Natasha Goetz Support Specialist 509-363-4010
Kelly Greenwood Sales Executive 509-755-9306
Olga Gribble Account Manager 509-755-9325
Kelsey Grimmer Account Associate 509-789-7432
Jody Hampshire Development Specialist 509-789-7436
Jenel Harju Senior Client Relations Director, Commercial Practices 509-363-4002
Corinne Harris Development Specialist 509-363-4043
Gary Hartman Sales Executive 206-466-1947
Casie Hull Client Executive 509-755-9303
Annette Jolly Senior Support Specialist 509-755-9304
Trevor Kissinger Sales Executive 509-363-4011
Jaci Kruse Client Relations Director 509-755-9336
Cara Longinotti Senior Account Manager 509-363-4042
Casey Lund Sales Executive 509-789-7443
Rob McWilliams Sales Executive 509-755-9305
Marci Neighbors Account Associate 509-789-7439
Dylan Painter Account Associate 509-363-4022
Jay Pollman Sales Executive 509-363-4025
Wendy Richard Account Manager 509-755-9323
Bri Souder Certificate Compliance Specialist 509-755-9317
Gail Stevers Sales Executive 509-755-9316
Cole Stockton Account Associate 509-789-7433
Mark Theriault Managing Director of Business Insurance 509-755-9329
Rose Tibbett Account Manager 509-755-9312
Matina Whitney Senior Account Manager 509-755-9309
Lisa Wren Account Manager 509-363-4005

Employee Health & Benefits Colleagues

Toby Fouch Sales Executive 509-363-4039
Jackie Sue McFarlin Account Manager 509-363-4040
Rhonda Nowak Client Relations Director 509-363-4034
Josh Peterson Sales Executive 509-755-9308
Joe Via Sales Executive 509-363-4026

Surety Colleagues

Tom Davis Sales Executive 509-755-9338
Judy Kaiser-Smith Senior Account Manager 509-789-7431
Jim Majeskey Sales Executive 509-789-7430
AiLi Palmer Account Associate 509-363-4013
Melissa Wolf Account Manager 509-363-4019


Dan Antonietti Managing Director of Administration 509-755-9327
Whitney Brown Learning & Development Specialist 509-363-4030
Cory Campbell Senior Claim Analyst 509-363-4035
Doug Colley Risk Control Specialist 509-789-7449
Kelly Easley Administrative Associate 509-755-9314
Kari Glennon Managing Director, Sales & Business Development 360-201-8498
Ricky Hernandez Communications Administrator 509-363-4027
Bruce Hollcroft Senior Risk Control Specialist 509-363-4017
Alysa Johns Quality Assurance Analyst 509-755-9313
Scott Simmons Managing Director of Client Services 509-363-4029
Peggy Stirn Administrative Associate 509-755-9321
Daisy Tran Senior Claim Analyst 509-755-9331
Russ Ulrich Senior Claim Analyst 509-363-4021
Jeff Wallace Senior Risk Management Services Director 509-363-4003
Carol Williams Learning & Development Director 509-363-4032


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