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Personal Colleagues

Cheri Copeland Sales Executive 406-457-4529
Deanna Hoffman Senior Account Manager 406-457-4522
Jeanne Massey Sales Executive 406-457-2118
Kim Rasmussen Account Manager 406-457-4542
Karen Rimestad Account Manager 406-457-2115
Jennifer Sorheim Account Manager 406-457-2132
Billy Wagner Sales Executive 406-457-2135

Business Colleagues

Amanda Bartsch Account Associate 406-457-4555
Jennifer Burt Account Associate 406-457-4532
Kathy Burt Client Manager 406-457-2103
Dianne Centrella Client Manager 406-457-2122
Lisa Duncan Senior Account Manager 406-457-4538
Ange Furlong Account Manager 406-457-4543
Brandy Garber Program Administrator 406-457-4545
Patty Kercher Client Executive 406-457-4554
Kelsey Langemo Account Manager 406-457-4548
David Lyons Account Manager 406-457-4552
Sean McCutcheon Sales Executive 406-457-2136
Kevin McCutcheon Sales Executive 406-457-2111
Pat McCutcheon Sales Executive 406-457-2104
Jackie Nelson Senior Account Manager 406-457-5173
Shelley Oliver Account Manager 406-457-5161
Shaun Peterson Sales Executive 406-457-2109
Sherry Sauer Account Manager 406-457-4536
Kevin Smith School Pool Risk Control Specialist 406-457-4547
Colleen Sullivan Client Manager 406-457-2106
Lynn Thompson Client Executive 406-457-4528
Cheryl Wignot Account Manager 406-457-2120

Employee Benefits Colleagues

Shelly Batista Client Manager 406-457-4524
Sarah Bunton Client Manager 406-457-2131
Lori Fearon Sales Executive 406-457-2125
Melissa Mazurek Senior Account Manager 406-457-2129
Teri Palmer Account Manager 406-457-5165
Gina Reilly Sales Executive 406-457-2119
Kris Schmaus Account Manager 406-457-2108
Christi Sharp Specialty Services Director 406-457-4527

Surety Colleagues

Jonathan Emmons Sales Executive 406-457-2124


Roberta Barrows Administrative Associate 406-457-4550
Karen Diehl Managing Director of Client Relations 406-457-4551
Peggy Kerins Human Resources Director 406-457-2116
Celia Kolar Senior Systems Support Specialist 406-457-2134
Brendan Riley Senior Risk Control Specialist 406-457-2114
Mary Ternes Human Resources Coordinator 406-457-2123
Genie Thompson Administrative Associate 406-457-5162
Sarah Walsh Chief Operating Officer 406-457-2105
Stacey Wines Senior Accountant 406-457-2102


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