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Teri joined PayneWest team in 2011 in an effort to partner with employer groups on development of a health management program to help contain health care costs. Teri brings with her twenty-two years’ experience from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana (BCBSMT) where she worked in various areas of the company ranging from Corporate Planning, Compliance and Ethics, Training, Human Resources, and Health and Wellness. Her most recent position with BCBSMT was health and wellness management specialist.

Teri was responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of effective wellness and ergonomic activities aimed at improving employee health and well-being. This included researching, analyzing and evaluating wellness-program best practices and integrating them into the employee wellness rewards program. Teri designed and implemented the first rewards credit program (Well with Blue Rewards Program) in 2006. She was also instrumental in the development of a proactive ergonomics program that decreased BCBSMT's annual workers’ compensation premium from $600,000 to $200,000.

After leaving BCBSMT in January 2011, Teri consulted with the State of Montana Cardiovascular Department (Montana Worksite Health Promotion Coalition) to enhance the montanawellness.org website with tools and training resources for employer groups (large and small) on health and wellness. She also contracted with the Montana University System for consultation on their Well Awards reorganization project.

Teri continues to grow health management programs within the PayneWest footprint. Without a stable workforce and a healthy and engaged employee, that bottom line can be negatively impacted. PayneWest clients continue to recognize the value this partnership brings in helping manage their bottom line by allocating resources to their number one asset-- their employees.

Teri attended Pennsylvania State University and Carroll College where she studied liberal arts, business administration and finance. Teri is a Certified Wellness Program Manager (Chapman, Level II) and completed Level 8 certification for Well Workplace University (Wellness Council of America). She has also been a member of the Montana Worksite Health Promotion Coalition for five years. Teri’s passions in life are the love of her family, the love of animals and the love of fitness in all shapes and sizes.

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