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Brady Hoiness

About Brady


Business Insurance


Sales Executive




3289 Gabel Road
Billings, MT 59102
P.O. Box 30638
Billings, MT 59107-0638

Brady has followed in his family tradition by entering the insurance industry. The most significant service he brings to clients is letting them know all the ins and outs of their policies. “I can review a policy and expose gaps in coverage for customers. It’s important to explain both what’s covered and what’s not covered to a client.”

Brady joined PayneWest Insurance as an intern in 2003 while still attending college; splitting time between Montana State University and Miles Community College, where he played baseball for the Pioneers. After graduation, with a degree in business administration, he took a job as a personal insurance agent with PayneWest in Bozeman. In November 2009, he transitioned to Billings as a commercial sales executive to carry on the long-standing family profession that began when Hoiness-LaBar (now PayneWest Insurance) was first established in 1921.

Brady’s father, Chris Hoiness, step-mother, Tracy Hoiness, and brother, Devan Hoiness, all work for PayneWest.

As it has been the family belief and perspective from day one, Brady puts himself in the shoes of the business owner to try to understand their needs and frustrations. He treats each and every business as if it were his business, his livelihood and his future.

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