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Andy Tucknott

About Andy


Business Insurance


Sales Executive




545 SW 2nd Street, Suite 101
Corvallis, OR 97333

Andy started his career in the insurance industry in 2006 with PayneWest Insurance working as an agent in the small business department. Andy stayed in that role for six years honing his craft being exposed to all different types of businesses and different types of insurance issues. During his career Andy has developed a specialty in insurance for professional exposures like accountants, attorneys, doctors, as well as insurance for nonprofits.

Organizations that work with Andy benefit because he is detailed, organized, and he takes a pro-active approach to dealing with insurance. Andy’s customers view him as a professional advisor rather than a salesman. Another one of Andy’s strengths is his great relationships with the professionals on the carrier side of the business; that helps his customers & the carrier feel like they are business partners.

Andy is the endorsed agent for the Montana Society of CPAs. In January of 2013 Andy & the MSCPA reached an agreement for them to join a partnership where the MSCPA encourages members to do business with him & he offers the MSCPA membership the best insurance package possible in terms of coverage, service, price and efficiency. Andy & the MSCPA are committed to making this partnership both rewarding and long-lasting relationship.

Andy and his wife Darr have a young son, Grady, and if you give Andy the opening he’ll be showing off photos and videos of the youngster learning to talk & causing trouble in the house. When Andy isn’t working as an insurance professional you are likely to see him playing handball or tennis & maybe even out for a jog. Andy and his family moved to Corvallis, OR in January of 2014 and are looking forward to getting involved and established in the community. They love the area and are hoping the community will be a great place to raise their family there and stay for a very long time.

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