The PayneWest Advantage

Independent and employee-owned.

Many of our competitors offer a range of owned, branded products and services. This approach has its merits. However, we believe that only by remaining independent can we place a focus on relationships over products.

That independence also allows us to be employee-owned, so that our employees at all levels have “skin in the game” and are engaged in the success of our clients and our business.

Independence at its finest.

The latest trend in insurance is to DIY it: Go online and self-select the levels and types of insurance you think you need.

In truth, people may pay less for their insurance that way. But they’re paying less because they’re getting less — less coverage, more limitations, and bigger deductibles.

Our custom process — called “P3”— provides a framework that helps determine the most cost-effective strategy to managing risk based on each client’s unique circumstances. This process is quick, flexible and allows us to apply our knowledge to get better results. This approach avoids pitfalls and ensures the right level of protection for businesses, assets and families.

Big city smarts. Small town values.

We are a top-40 national firm formed from one of the biggest-ever mergers in our industry, with roots tracing back to 1921. We serve more than 30 communities in Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington. And because we also live and work in those communities, we’re a far cry from a big, faceless entity traded on Wall Street. You’ll get to know us not by our logo, but because you see us at the local gym and hardware store.