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About PayneWest

Insurance professionals in the relationship business.

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.  Nowhere, perhaps, is this more evident than in the rich history of PayneWest, where nearly 700 insurance professionals across Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington work together to cultivate relationships that elevate the way our clients come to regard the industry of insurance.  From business to personal insurance, benefits and surety, and highly complex market niches ranging from construction to agriculture to medical malpractice, we’re not short on offerings, either.  We also represent- the best and most diverse insurance providers in the country.

Clients choose PayneWest because they know they’ll be provided with allies who’ve done their homework.  That said, we wouldn’t call ourselves students of insurance; we’re more like professors- people who continue to work towards excellence and master our craft- but people who also happen to be your neighbors.