10 Items Every Vehicle Emergency Kit Should Have

Icy winter road

Winter is near
Close up of a cars tires on a snowy roadDue to harsh Pacific Northwest weather it is essential that you have vehicles prepared in the event of roadside assistance. You can buy emergency kits or purchase them assembled. Keep in mind needs change depending on your driving conditionals and environment.

To help you get started there are a number of essentials we recommend carrying in your car for preparation for hazardous roads within the Northwest.



1. Emergency Blankets, including winter boots, coats, hats and mittens
2. Jumper Cables, or a portable battery that comes with its own cables
3. Waterproof Flashlight
4. First Aid kit, include for your animals that you may be traveling with
5. Tire Jack, including kitty litter to assist in getting out of slick areas
6. Glass Hammer, they are very small and portable for breaking glass in the event you end up in water, most always kept in the glove compartment
7. Maps
8. Spare tire
9. Mobile phone and its charger
10. Tool kits -a multi tool or a pocket knife, tire pressure gauge

Lastly, be sure and carry enough for the number of passengers and or pets and the event you are preparing for a long vacation or a local soccer game.