Many people believe their landlord covers them for insurance when they rent a home, apartment or condominium.  This is one of those Old Wives Tales… If you want/need coverage it is your responsibility, plus many landlords now require that you carry a renter’s policy.

So you’ve rented a brand new apartment, what could happen?

Almost anything; a theft from your vehicle or apartment, a fire, water damage, or, someone could be injured while visiting you and sue you.  These are a few good reasons to carry renters insurance.

For only a few dollars each month, you can make sure you have protection for your belongings, if someone is injured on your property, or for a lawsuit.  If you also have your automobile insurance with the same company, you could receive a discount on both your automobile and renter’s policies.

Determining the correct coverage can be a challenge. Completing an itemized inventory can assist you with this task. Remember, you want to figure what it would cost to replace your property since most policies provide replacement cost coverage.

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