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Understanding that surety is a highly specialized field, at PayneWest we have put together an experienced team of Colleagues with surety backgrounds.  We have nurtured long-standing relationships with the world’s leading surety markets, and employ the latest technology to expedite our clients’ needs.  With extensive risk management, financial, and operational resources at our disposal, we offer much more than just supplying bonds.  In fact, we work closely with each client to assess the financial position, management systems, track record, and capacity, and customize a surety program on the client’s behalf.  We facilitate meaningful communication among all key parties, including bankers, attorneys, accountants, and surety personnel. We provide surety support for contractors of every size and trade, and in addition offer the full array of other business bonds, including license and permit, judicial and probate bonds, and specialty compliance bonds of all types.

Using a team approach, we closely coordinate with our insurance Colleagues to create custom solutions for every client, reviewing contracts before bid, speaking with design professionals if needed to clarify insurance specifications in contracts, and watching plan centers for bid opportunities for our contractor clients.  Because surety is such an important focus in our agency, we support local construction trade associations, subscribe to and contribute to industry trade publications, and offer workshops and training when requested to our clients’ employees.

Through Payne University, our specialized teams continue their education so they can more effectively represent the needs and interests of our bond clients.