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As good of job as direct medical malpractice writers do at placing your med mal insurance and providing some re-active services….we understand that our industry has really ignored many of the other risks that can have an impact on your practice.

As an industry, hospitality has a unique combination of risks. These include property and furnishings but also an array of liability concerns. Indeed it may be the only industry where upgrading security, fire suppression or signage can so dramatically impact a client’s rates.

To address this unique industry, PayneWest Insurance created a Hotel Business Insurance practice. This specialty practice works with hospitality clients, exclusively. Our hospitality team has significant experience in the industry and understands the unique exposures faced by hotel property owners. We’ve even developed a suite of insurance products specifically for resorts, hotels and motels.

Many of the region’s largest chains and most prominent resort properties turn to PayneWest for our tailored insurance programs, risk management, dedicated claims services and access to the highest-quality insurers. We understand that our industry gives a false sense of security regarding the protection of your investment. With the knowledge, research, and experience we have with our hospitality clients, we have identified over 15 ways that this false sense of security prevails.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

“…Your vast knowledge of current insurance issues, and your overall responsiveness are but a few of the deciding factors in our choosing to remain with PWI year after year.”

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