Kelly Greenwood | Spokane

PayneWest Insurance has partnered with the Hands-On Trade Association to offer insurance coverage for professionals who care for body, hair, skin and nails in fields related to touch. Working with HOTA and association President Judi Calvert, we’ve created a single, flexible program designed specifically for the unique issues and conditions faced by today’s hands-on trade professionals. Our comprehensive program:

  • Improves professional reputation.
  • Protects against frivolous suits.
  • Provides the tools and knowledge needed to prevail when a claim occurs.
  • Covers more than 300 techniques in the fields of massage, bodywork, esthetics, cosmetology and nail services.
  • Is composed of coverage from A-rated underwriters.

Moreover, the program is flexible and fits the nature of the profession, covering practitioners anywhere work takes them — their office, a resort, a sporting event, a shopping mall, a client home, even another state.

For information or to apply for instant coverage, please visit handsontrade.com.

  • Massage Therapy Insurance, Body Work Insurance
  • Cosmetology Insurance, Esthetician Insurance, Nail Technician Insurance
  • Animal Massage Therapy Insurance
  • Damage to Premises