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John Mostoller | Richland

Lance Adams | Baker City

Kraig Arnaud | Bozeman

Tom Holland | Dillon

Jenna Weber | Yakima

Jedean Corpron | Yakima

Crop Insurance:

Dee Lohse | Fort Benton

Steve Macke  | Yakima

Hops, Transportation:

Gerry McGree | Yakima

Alyssa Goins  | Yakima

Fruit Packing:

Jeff Widdows | Yakima

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Agriculture is the lifeblood of our region. Naturally, we provide insurance packages to cover a full range of agriculture business–from family farms to large commercial agricultural operations. However, our main focus is not on selling insurance products, but working with our clients to identify their risk exposures and then help them with loss control and prevention measures to reduce their overall cost of risk and protect the future of their businesses.

Why choose us?

  • Industry Knowledge: We understand your industry and unique exposure
  • Market Resources: We have the resources and market influence ofone of the largest independently-owned brokers in the United States.
  • Market Access: Agribusiness market knowledge and strong relationships with insurance carriers. Industry- specific programs designed by us to address the unique exposures of the agribusiness industr
  • Claim Experience: Over 40 years’ experience handling all types of agribusiness claims, including several property losses in excess of $20 millio Additional regional claim support with a team of claim professionals including two licensed attorneys.
  • Loss Prevention: Loss control professionals with industry-specific experience.
  • Insurance Professionals: Eight PayneWest brokers have over 20 years’ experience in agribusiness insuranc
  • Agribusiness Premium Volume: Annually, Yakima and Wenatchee offices place over $25 million in premiums on behalf of agribusiness customer
  • Packing and Storage Clients: Insuring over 35 fruit packing and storage warehouse clients.
  • Hop Growers: We insure the majority of the hop growing and processing operations in the Yakima Valley with special crop growing coverage designed by us.
  • Crop Insurance: Specialists in assessing risk for all types of crop
  • Product Recall Insurance: Working with product recall attorneys, we have designed coverage forms to meet the need of our agricultural clients.
  • Employee Benefits: Professionals to assist with ACA compliance.