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At PayneWest Insurance, our strategic response is dependent on your organization’s:

  • Financial management
  • Values and culture
  • Business goals
  • Risk
  • Engagement
  • Technology

Our custom strategy begins with learning about your organization. We need to know more about you.

  • Claims cost analysis – where are your claim dollars going currently?
  • Employee and executive data gathering – what do employees want and need?
  • Benchmarking – what are other organizations in the same industry and demographic doing?
  • Network analysis – are carrier networks accessible in the areas being served?
  • Health risk assessments and biometric screening – what could future claims look like based on employee health?
  • Vendor proposals and negotiations – top-rated carrier proposals are evaluated based on value and need.
  • Benefit design/cost modeling – building plans which create choice.
  • Employee engagement and health management – creating health management programs which reduce future risk and improve employee health and productivity.
  • Employee contribution analysis and strategies – considering funding options from a variety of angles and perspectives.
  • Custom employee education – audio, print, social media, onsite meetings – communicating and servicing benefits programs based on company culture.