There are a lot of hidden and not-so-hidden costs associated with benefits programs. What is the cost of the hours spent researching the ever-changing regulations and legislation impacting your program? How much time do you or your staff spend running down answers to employees’ routine questions about their coverage? Using advanced technology and partnering with industry leading providers, PayneWest Insurance has developed value-added professional services for our benefits clients — tools that reduce your costs, increase your productivity and improve employee satisfaction:

Data-analysis tools
If you are an experience-rated group, your benefit professional can perform data analysis to determine your health-plan utilization, which could yield exceptional insurance savings and give you leverage in negotiating your plan.

Self-Insurance Opportunity Analysis
As Self-Insured Specialists, we will continually evaluate opportunities for your company to self-insure and help you determine whether it’s the right solution for your organization.

Third Party Administrator (TPA) Service Comparisons
PWI offers a thorough evaluation of carriers and administrators based on more than 60 criteria, ranging from administration process to reporting capabilities.

Health Management Programs
We can help design and implement Health Management Programs to help increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, and engage your workforce. The program is also designed to help lower risk of claims and therefore cost of coverage as well.

Human Resource Information Systems
To help employers comply with HIPAA regulations and secure employee data, we have aligned ourselves with the most sophisticated and effective HRIS systems in the industry. This can streamline the HR function, payroll, and hiring practices for employers, as well as provide online enrollment tools.

Benefit Benchmark surveys
PayneWest can compare a client’s benefits to other businesses of similar demographic or industry. Clients receive an analysis as detailed as they would like to help compare and ensure that their benefits are appropriate and help retain employees.

Customized communications
Employee communication programs ensure that the money you are spending on your benefit program is well used.

PayneWest’s effective year-round communication programs can include:

  • Plan benefit reminders
  • How to submit a claim
  • Plan change reminders
  • Wellness tips
  • Finding a preferred provider
  • HSA or flex account education

ERISA compliance
PayneWest can assist you with ERISA compliance questions in several ways. We have access to a library of easy-to-read, comprehensive documents and forms. We have access to legal counsel to help with questions and concerns that you may have in this area.

Disease management
The Disease Management Programs require Registered Nurses with clinical expertise in disease management to coordinate the clinical care needs and program participation of members. Education, self-monitoring, medical resource access and community information are focal points of these programs.

Programs are designed to focus on a population needing assistance to manage a chronic disease state. They are designed to educate and influence members’ behaviors related to self-care, giving patients the support and educational materials they need to better manage their diseases.

PayneWest has a Disease Management Assessment Tool designed to evaluate appropriate programs based on underlying health care conditions. The program tool also provides assessment criteria to determine efficacy and impact over the long term.

Marketing analysis
PayneWest has access to all benefit insurance carriers within the areas we do business. On behalf of our clients, our advisors send out detailed, comprehensive, professional requests for proposals to all appropriate carriers. PayneWest advisors take great care to ensure our clients look attractive in the marketplace, and therefore receive the best possible proposals in return.

Benefit statements
Benefit statements break out all benefits provided by the employer and what the employer’s cost is for each. The “total benefits” package is often shown and discussed with employees during their annual evaluations.

This unique service is beneficial to our clients, as it offers an opportunity for the employees to better appreciate the employer’s commitment to their employees.

Demographic study / analysis
Demographic information tells us a lot about the way in which an employee would view the affordability and attractiveness of a plan. We then take the data and develop a plan to incorporate the needs of the employees and our client’s long-term objectives.

A demographic study includes reviewing an employee benefit plan, actual employee and dependent enrollment, contributions, strategies, average salaries and claims trends within a group.

Enrollment assistance
We provide onsite enrollment meetings for every plan provided, including detailed employee communication materials.

Service agreement
A service agreement is a tool designed to outline and prioritize the expectations of each client relative to PayneWest’s performance. We will take the services we provide and create solutions unique to each client’s specific needs and areas of concern, therefore creating a service agreement.

Employee survey
Do your employees find their benefits to be of value? Are there benefits currently unavailable that they would want in their current package?

We customize a detailed survey that can uncover hidden needs and identify areas of interest within your population. This survey can either be conducted on paper or online with a thorough analysis upon its completion.

Service timeline
PayneWest has a system in place to address the installation of policies and the timeline that will be followed.