Balance is the greatest achievement in insurance. And frankly, it’s the toughest. Anyone can simply throw money at insurance, buying lots of coverage and unnecessarily high limits and know they’re covered. On the other hand it’s equally easy to convince yourself that the bargain coverage you bought is just what you need, only to find out later that it isn’t.

At PayneWest insurance, we achieve balance and create value for clients in four very tangible ways.

  • We develop relationships with our clients and come to fully understand their needs, risks and assets. This creates a foundation for selecting the right levels and right types of coverage. It also creates an ongoing dialog that ensures appropriate coverage as lives and needs change.
  • We don’t have just one company through which to buy insurance. We have dozens. That means each policy — whether personal, business or benefits — is shopped to multiple providers who, in essence, compete for our client’s business. All the while, our advisors ensure our clients are comparing comparable coverage and options.
  • We actively pursue discounts, whether it’s within the realm of personal insurance, for example having home and car coverage with the same company, or it’s having business and personal insurance programs with a single company.
  • We advocate for clients. Our advisors are always looking for ways to help clients reduce risk and thereby reduce costs. And if clients file claims, our advisors are available to help them through the process and to ensure fair resolution.

You shouldn’t have to overspend to be protected, nor should you have to settle for less coverage than you need. A knowledgeable advisor can help you find that balance and get tremendous value for your insurance dollar. See for yourself. Consult with a PayneWest advisor, today.