Independence equals choice. At PayneWest Insurance, we are independent agents, which means we don’t work for an insurance company. We work for our clients. And part of our job is to provide our clients with choices.

We represent dozens of insurance companies. In most cases, we bid out policies to at least three or four companies. In some instances, we bid 10 or more companies, all with an eye toward finding the right coverage at the right price. As a client, this gives you tremendous leverage and it gives you options in terms of rates, discounts and coverage.

Moreover, we help clients take advantage of changing circumstances. For example, let’s say a carrier raises rates to cover losses due to a storm back East — we may switch you to a carrier that doesn’t write much business in the East and wasn’t touched by those losses.

Choice is a benefit you simply won’t get buying online or going to company-specific agent. To see what choice might mean for you, contact your PayneWest Insurance advisor, today.