The latest trend in insurance is to DIY it, to go online and self-select the levels and types of insurance you need. In truth, you may actually pay less for your insurance that way, but not because you’ve gone direct. You’re paying less because you’re getting less — less coverage, more limitations, bigger deductibles, and so on.

At PayneWest Insurance, we believe that true protection begins with true insight. Our programs start with detailed discussions of your personal or business needs. We talk about assets, mitigating factors, areas of exposure and much more. We factor in your location and the kinds of natural disasters most likely to cause damage. We look at your specific business with an understanding that while the insurance needs of a beauty salon are different from a sawmill — which are different from an accounting firm — they are no less important and the associated risks no less damaging.

Too many people go it alone only to discover that what they thought was covered when they purchased their policy isn’t. Or that the liability limits they figured would be fine, aren’t. Or that while the policy covers lots of general liabilities, an obscure, overlooked industry-specific liability results in a major, uncovered claim.

In all of these instances a knowledgeable, independent insurance advisor is key. We provide the guidance that helps you avoid pitfalls and ensures adequate protection for your business, your possessions, your family and you.

You have important assets. You buy insurance to protect them. Be sure they actually are. Talk to a PayneWest Insurance advisor, today.