• PayneWest colleagues celebrating a milestone anniversary don’t receive a pin, or a watch.  Our colleagues choose an organization important to them, to which PayneWest makes a monetary donation in their honor. Check out who is celebrating a milestone below, and why they have selected their particular organization.

January 2017

  • John Mostoller |Richland | 25 – Year Anniversary
    My preferred non-profit charitable organization is the Tri-City Union Gospel Mission for my 25-year anniversary donation. The “why” for this selection is based upon their mission – which is to serve homeless and impoverished people [men, women, and children, and orphaned children] in Southeastern Washington and Northeastern Oregon communities, and that they may be transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and become God-serving, God-dependent, contributing members of society.

December 2016

  • Shanalee Steele | Spokane | 1 – Year Anniversary
    I would like my anniversary donation to go to the Spokane Humane Society. I want my donation to go here because they exist to care for animals and give them a home until they can be adopted!
  • Molly Howe | Albany | 15 – Year Anniversary
    I would like the nonprofit organization Family Tree Relief Nursery to be the recipient of the donation in my name.   They are located in Albany, Oregon, and service low income families with children under six years of age.  Below are just a few of the things they do to help families become healthy and stay together as a family unit.

    1. Support Services for parents who are stressed about parenting and other issues.
    2. Find safe and effective ways to discipline their children. ( this is huge in preventing abuse)
    3. They help parents find and connect with community services and resources.

    Family Tree offers a Therapeutic Early Childhood Classroom program, characterized by a positive, child-centered approach that helps children heal from traumatic or abusive experiences.

    Children come to a toddler or preschool classroom two mornings each week, experiencing many opportunities to practice social skills, express their feelings, and make their own safe choices. Individualized goals focusing on social and emotional health are developed for each child and monitored by skilled teachers, who provide nurturing one-on-one support in a context of fun, developmentally appropriate learning activities.

    Teachers work in partnership with families by coming to their homes at least monthly to support parents and strengthen the parent-child relationship during challenging times.

    With the challenges that parents face today this is such an incredible program to help families become healthy and stay together.   I know of many families during   the 80’s & 90’s  that could have benefited from this kind of support.  Instead the only thing available was “Welfare” and only helped if there was no father in the home.  As a result there are many families  I personally know that are not together due to the lack of support they needed to be a family unit.

    You can share this if you choose. Thanks again for all that PWI does to help make our communities a better place to live.

  • Brodie Loushin |Butte | 5 – Year Anniversary
    I would like to donate to Big Brothers and Sisters of Butte.John Russell |Newport | 5 – Year Anniversary I would like my donation to go to the Pacific Maritime Heritage Center. The Doerfler who use to own this agency will match what they are able to raise up to $71K so I thought it would help them in their effort.
  • Chellonda Way | Albany | 1 – Year Anniversary
    I would like my donation to go to the ABC House of Albany.  ABC house helps children in need. Whether that be, by counseling, providing clothing for foster care, or resources for parents dealing with hard times. ABC house has helped several people in my life and close friends.

November 2016

  • Genie Thompson| Helena | 10 – Year Anniversary
    I would like to donate my donation to Friendship Center of Helena. Their mission is; The Center helps individuals and families of domestic and sexual violence gain access to community services and resources which provide the assistance they need to resolve their crisis and begin to rebuild their lives.
  • Levi Downey | Butte | 15 – Year Anniversary
    I would like to have the donated go to one of my non-profit clients- Action Inc./ Human Resources Council District XII and their Mining City Christmas program http://butteassistanceprograms.org/event/mining-city-christmas/ .  Each year Action, Inc. spearheads this program to help low-income families in need with food and gifts during the holiday season.  The mission of the program is to ensure that every child wakes up on Christmas morning to find a gift under the tree and enjoy a holiday meal.This is just one of the many important services that this organization does in our community and is one that my Grandma was involved in for many years.  The work that they do is important not only to Butte- Silver Bow, but also surrounding counties that they serve including, Beaverhead, Deer Lodge, Granite, Madison, Powell counties
  • Dena Engstrom| Greatfalls | 1 – Year Anniversary
    When I received the letter you sent me regarding my one year with PayneWest Insurance it was hard to believe that this milestone is around the corner. I always knew that PayneWest was a top employer and company by the years of service that I have been personally in touch with over the years.The donation goes to show how PayneWest stands out above any other employer by giving back to our communities.   I would like to have my donation go to My Student in Need which is part of My Neighbor in Need. https://www.mystudentinneed.org/donate/ My Student in Need is a way to help students who are in need in over 130 schools across the State of Montana. My request that the funds go to help someone in the Great Falls schools district. Teachers request needs of their students from anything from school supplies, winter clothes, to even putting socks and shoes on their feet. My 16 year old daughter works for the after school program “Hands” and has seen firsthand how kids struggle just to have the basics that so many of us take for granted each day when we send our kids to school.There motto is simple: “By brokering the community’s kindness, we bring hope to the hopeless.”
  • Austin Stolp | Spokane | 5 – Year Anniversary
    I would like my donation to go to the GraceSon Foundation. They are a local charity started by friends of mine that help teenage mothers get the skills and education to be good providing mothers to their children.  We have made donations to them in the past and were a large sponsor at their annual ball a couple years ago. 
  • Monica Farnsworth | Medford | 1 – Year Anniversary
    I would like my donation to go to Tailgate Ministries. About a month ago, our office volunteered our time to this ministry and we do annual donations as well.  I have always had a heart for the “homeless” and less fortunate, realizing how very fortunate I am, especially when I am going through rough times.  When I am going through those times, I am reminded how fortunate I am! Tailgate Ministries, has partnered with Set Free Fellowship for a weekly event held Fridays at 1032 West Main St., Medford, from 10 am – 2 pm. They offer shower, laundry services, clothing, a food pantry, and a free lunch. Twice a month La Clinica comes on site and does minor health and dental care.Tailgate Ministries also travels to areas around the valley where homeless gather. These road trips allow them to spend more time with people so they can gain information about their needs. They offer life skills training and case management services while they are there.Tailgate Ministries also partners with local agencies to meet the next level of needs, which consists of legal services and employment. It is Tailgate Ministries hope and belief that they will rally as a community and touch as many lives as possible.

October 2016

  • Kelly Tenold | Stevensville | 20 – Year Anniversary
    The Carousel was built to provide the community of Missoula a new option for good, old-fashioned fun, the Carousel continues to entertain the children (and the adults) in our area with rides on the beautifully crafted horses as well as family friendly events. Whether we’re helping children celebrate their special day or seeing families come together for a little playtime, we’re happy to be part of Missoula’s history.
  • Kim R. Stallknecht| Bigfork | 15 – Year Anniversary
    I have chosen St Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  After having my daughter’s I could not imagine the heartache a family has to go thru when dealing with cancer and the financial difficulties they may go thru.  I’ve lost family members to cancer but it tears my heart out to see a child go thru this.  We started donating to St Jude thru the United States Coast Guard and I have continued to support them whenever I’m able. Thank you so very much for donating to this very worthy cause on my behalf.
  • Kim Peterson | Billings | 20 – Year Anniversary
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to give back to an organization that helped my son and his family at a time when it was needed so very much.  Chase Hawks Memorial Association was there and willing to help my son Chris and his wife Joanna when they found out that their soon-to-be-born son would require immediate surgery due to a diagnosis of Spina Bifida.  They traveled from their home in Wyoming to the University of Utah Medical Center in Salt Lake City for Eason’s birth and surgery.  Chase Hawks helped them with travel expenses to care for a family of 5 while Eason got the emergency, life-saving care he needed.  Since Eason’s birth in 2007 he has had to be Life-Flighted back to The University of Utah twice for emergency care and as of today he is doing exceptionally well.  Eason is an active 9 year old and walking and even running with the help of leg braces.  He currently is in the third grade and has a wonderful and active quality of life and a bright future ahead of him.  I’m grateful to be able to give Chase Hawks my PayneWest anniversary donation so that they can help another young family going through an unexpected family emergency.  Thank you.
  • Terry Disney | Missoula | 40 – Year Anniversary
    Thanks you very much for the donation in my name.  I would like to have you send it to Missoula Food Bank. I believe in this non-profit it provides a lot of needy families in our community and what a great time of year for it.
  • Leticia Reyes | Big Fork | 1 – Year Anniversary
    I would like my donation to go to Toys for Tots, Flathead Valley.   I am grateful to work with a great team for a great company. The goal of the Toys for Tots Foundation is to help give a tangible sign of hope to less fortunate children in communities across the country at Christmas.  In 2015, Toys for Tots made a difference in the lives of over 2,000 in the Flathead Valley.  It is expected this year the need will be greater. The program was founded by a Marine Major in 1947.  My husband and I served a combined total of 49 years on active duty in the Marine Corps and we are pleased to continue serving in the capacity of coordinating the program for the Flathead Valley this year.  Toys for Tots are near and dear to me for what I mention above and so much more.
  • Mark Gilman | Whitefish | 1 – Year Anniversary
    I would like my donated to per my one year anniversary with Payne West to go to North Valley Food Bank. Most of us take for granted the fact we have food available to us.  There are those for whatever reason that face the challenge of not having food available.  I believe greatly in having Food Bank that is there for these people.
  • Jeff Mason | McMinnville | 5 – Year Anniversary
    I’m touching bases with you regarding my donation to charity for my 5 year anniversary.  For our PayneWest volunteer day in October our branch is going to donate our time to Yamhill Community Action Partnership food bank.  I’ve been involved with this charity for a number of years through Rotary as well as times our agency have volunteered.  The main thing we do with our volunteer time is to sort the donated food so it can be distributed to people who need it.  My personal feeling is that food is one of those basic needs that if someone goes without, all other things become more of a challenge.  So this is an organization I like to donate my time to help others in need.  I thought it would be great to coordinate the donation with the time the McMinnville branch will be sorting food.  Our branch will be sorting for on the mornings of October 17th & 18th.  I will be donating my time on the morning of the 17th.
  • Colleen Sullivan | Helena | 20 – Year Anniversary
    Helena Food Share does wonderful things for our community.  Volunteering for the Food Share really opens the eyes of those of us who are fortunate enough not to be in a position to have to rely on them for our next meal.  It is sad to see the number of people who line up for food, but refreshing to see how thankful they are for the services provided by Food Share.   I am proud to help them financially.
  • Rod Corntassel | Missoula| 15 – Year Anniversary
    Thanks for making this donation to my church, St. Francis Xavier.  I have been a parish member since 1991, was married there to my beautiful wife, raised two altar servers through the parish and also know that they can use the funds to improve the lives of others in the community so they truly are dear to me.  They are also an active insured with PayneWest and hopefully one they would be proud to support. Thanks for your consideration and certainly I would feel blessed to have all this information shared regarding my achievement!
  • Jackie Nelson | Helena | 10 – Year Anniversary
    I would like to have my donation made to Youth Connections. They are one of my clients and work with the school districts, the YMCA as well as other youth organizations here in town.  Their focus is on prevention and reduction of substance abuse, violence while providing social, emotional and mental health support for kids.  They have a monthly magazine that is mailed to children enrolled in the Helena School District providing parents with resources to reach out to.  My sister serves on the board there as well and I have had an opportunity to volunteer in some of their fund raising events.
  • Margie Meyers | Albany | 10 – Year Anniversary
    I love what PayneWest does with the charitable organization giving.  I would like my donation to go to Alzheimer’s Association. Dementia has affected many members of my family.  My dad had 14 brothers and sisters.  Eight of them have either died of dementia or have been diagnosed and are in a memory care facility right now.
  • Jerri Roney | Missoula | 25 – Year Anniversary
    I received the letter regarding my upcoming anniversary with PayneWest and wanted to let you know that I would like the donation to go to the Missoula YWCA – specifically to the GUTS Program   (Girls Using their Strengths) – which is a leadership program for young women ages 9-18.  I strongly believe in their message and what they want to achieve = invest young – set good examples and strong values and they will lead others to do the same.

September 2016

  • Sheri L. Tuttle |The Dalles | 20 – Year Anniversary
    Thank you so much, it’s been a pleasure to work for a company that I really enjoy, that stand’s for clients, colleagues and communities, and you can feel it. I choose K-Love. They give back so much to families and children, and they help people change their lives. They are all about communit. Thank you so much, that means a lot to me.
  • Shannon Ulrich | Spokane | 1 – Year Anniversary
    I’d like my donation to go to the Wounded Warrior Project .  Perhaps my difficulty with the “why” is that I don’t have close ties to the organization—I don’t have any friends, family, or even acquaintances in the military—however, these people have volunteered for something I could never do and some return broken, physically and/or mentally.  Often, their resources are limited as they reacclimate to civilian life and adjust to their new normal.  The Wounded Warrior Project provides avenues to health and wellbeing as well as financial stability.  In my opinion, these brave men and women are owed this and more, and I want to help in my own small way. Thank you to PayneWest for this anniversary gift.  I’m proud to work for a company that so strongly values our community.
  • Alison Freisz-Steward | Yakima | 15 – Year Anniversary
    I’d like my donation to go to and the one I spend most of my “free” time with is the Naches Valley Music Boosters. This organization is amazing – the time and effort they put in for the kids in our school district to make it possible for them to participate in the Band and Choir programs certainly deserves recognition of its own. I may be a little biased since I am serving on the board this year, but I was spending enough hours there they figured they may as well give me a job! The boosters support goes above and beyond just the children involved in the district music programs though, as a volunteer run organization, they turn around and volunteer their time to others in the community as well and the kids are participating in so much more than just “band” or “choir” – they are learning teamwork, friendship, hard work, taking pride in what they do, helping others, time management and I could go on and on. Like many music booster programs though, they are not funded through school district funds but rather fundraisers and donations alone. The students and parents participate and give all they’ve got, but some things can’t be fixed by volunteer hours alone (instrument repair, uniforms, music, transportation to shows, etc.) so financial contributions of this type are much needed and even more appreciated.
  • Patty Kercher | Helena | 10 – Year Anniversary
    I would like the donation to go to Nation to Nation International. This is a wonderful missionary service agency that Wes and I started working with. We did short term mission trips as well as signed up for their services when we were missionaries living in the Netherlands. We help with newsletters, donations, filing taxes, items needed stateside, etc. We returned to the United States in 1998 after which Wes and I continued to attend meetings with the organization and were eventually asked to serve on their board – a position we continue with to this day.  The organization currently is working with 19 missionaries in 12 different countries. It is exciting to see the wonderful reports that come back home from around the world. None of this can be done without donations to help send people out as well as to have people here to help take care of things while others are in the field.
  • Lindsay Fisher | Missoula | 10 – Year Anniversary
    The Children’s Museum of Missoula and Families First empower families with parent education and learning through play.
  • Teri Palmer | Helena | 5 – Year Anniversary
    The organization I choose is the Lewis and Clark Humane Society. The reason I have selected this group is because I believe that animals are God’s gift to all of us.  They only know love, support, happiness and everyday sunshine.  My dogs are really the only thing that I know will be smiling at me each and every day when I get home!  You got to love them all!

    August 2016

  • Rody Holman | Butte | 15 – Year Anniversary
    Thanks for sending the attached letter where in you offer to a donation toward one of my favorite organizations to celebrate my 15 year anniversary.   With respect, please make this donation to the Silver Bow Amateur Wrestling Association, “Butte Wrestling Club.” 
    You had asked my feelings about this organization and I am happy to respond.  The Butte Wrestling Club has been an integral part of my life for a long time.  I have been involved with this organization for many, many years.  The Butte Wrestling Club has been in existence in Butte for nearly 50 years.  This organization has touched my life as a Participant, Supporter, Parent, Coach, Board Member, as its Board President, and once again and most recently as a Parent.  Needless to say, I am a big fan of the sport of wrestling.  The life lessons one can glean from participation in wrestling are vast.  Wrestling certainly builds character and it also teaches one how to develop a discipline and a work ethic that can positively impact a person for an entire lifetime.  If properly channeled, the sport provides participants with the ability to overcome adversity and it provides a mental toughness and resilience that are attributes that become valuable in day-to-day life long after one is done competing.
    The Butte Wrestling Club typically has 150-200 kids that participate in the Club on an annual basis.  There is no doubt that this donation will be put to good use.  This donation can be used to assist those kids less fortunate with equipment purchases (shoes, singlets, etc.) to allow participation, to assist with sending kids to tournaments, to assist with its scholarship (fee waiver) program, or any other Club use for which its Board deems necessary and appropriate.
    Thanks again for PayneWest’s donation to this outstanding organization on my behalf.
  • Jeanette Briggs | Dillon | 1 – Year Anniversary
    Man how time flies when you love what you do!  In regards to my donation, I would like to put that towards the Women’s Resource/Community Support Center.  As a victim of domestic violence myself, I feel it is incredibly important to support our centers like this to help people see a vision that life can be ‘livable’ again and there is always hope and always a rainbow after the storm.
  • Allan Sipes | Billings | 1 – Year Anniversary
    It took me a little while to settle on your offer to donate to a 501C organization in my name. I am a big fan of Habitat for Humanity, even though I have not yet taken or had the time to assist them in building a home for someone. I have donated sinks, cabinets, and countertops to their store.
  • Kelsey Steinmann | Missoula | 5 – Year Anniversary
    I would like my 5 year anniversary donation to the Special Olympics of Montana
  • Guadalupe Navarro | Richland | 1 – Year Anniversary
    I have chosen the American Cancer Society as my charitable organization to donate to.  It is something I hold close to my heart as my aunt passed away due to breast cancer while I lived in Mexico City as a child.  I told myself that when I grew up I would try to always help by donating some of my time towards this cause.  In the past, I have partaken in cancer walks as well as this year I am proud to say that I am part of the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and Team Treasure Chest.  I am excited that PayneWest is able to make this donation in my name.
  • Chelsea Mishey | Newport | 1 – Year Anniversary
    I would like my $50 donation to go to For the Love of a Cat. They are a wonderful organization that has really made a difference in our county for kitty without a home.
  • Karen Fruchtl | Richland | 35 – Year Anniversary.
    I would like my donation to go to St Jude Children’s Hospital.  This wonderful organization and hospital is amazing. Children are so innocent and when they become ill, St Jude steps in and helps – no matter what the financial circumstances are, color of skin or religious beliefs. Their staff is there for the sole purpose of helping the child/children and their family and friends get through a very traumatic time. Families never receive a bill for treatment, travel, housing or food, because all a family should worry about is helping their child live. I’ve seen firsthand what families go through when I worked at Shodaire Children’s Hospital in Helena, Montana, many MANY years ago. It’s a parent’s worst nightmare when you find out your child is ill. The utter helplessness that you feel as a parent is frustrating, maddening and devastating.  In some small way, I hope that with the help of PayneWest, our donation will help ease the burden of those families by letting them know that people really do care and are here support them.
  • Zach Friez | Butte | 1 – Year Anniversary.
    The organization I have selected to have PayneWest donate to is Big Brothers and Sisters.  I chose this organization for many reasons, but one of the significant reasons is the relationships and opportunities this organization creates for those involved.  Big Brothers and Sisters forms many important relationships for those that may not have that vital person in their life.  It is great to see another organization investing so much into our communities.
  • Sara Garica | Albany | 1 – Year Anniversary.
    Faith’s Lodge supports grieving parents and families who have lost a child. We lost our 21 month old daughter Gabriella in 2013 to a traumatic brain injury while at a babysitter’s house. We had the privilege to stay at Faith’s Lodge in November 2015. While there we were able to meet three other families who had recently experienced the death of a child. The lodge offers counselors, therapeutic arts and crafts, facilitated discussions, journaling, as well as hiking, bonfires and family dinners. The lodge operates solely on donations, fundraisers etc. Anytime we can we collect arts and craft supplies to send over. faithslodge.org
  • Mike McGowan | Madras| 20 – Year Anniversary.
    I have helped set up a scholarship fund at Redmond School District under the name of Bill Frost.  Bill was a graduate of Redmond and a dedicated community member giving of his talents in music and time.  The intent is to build a self sufficient fund to buy musical instruments for needy students in the district.
  • Tricia Henderson | Richland| 10 – Year Anniversary.
    I would like the donation to be made to the American Cancer Society. Cancer has impacted my family, friends, and many ladies in our Richland office. We have formed a team to participate in the Tri-Cities breast cancer walk October 15, 2016 and this donation will bring us one step closer to our fundraising goal.

    July 2016

  • Beth Goodman | Baker City | 10 – Year Anniversary
    I would like my donation to go to Best Friends of Baker, Inc. Best Friends of Baker, Inc is a domestic pet adoption facility that advocates a no-kill rescue, foster care and permanent “forever homes” in our community for mainly cats and dogs.  They have taken in other types of animals as the need arises.  The volunteers work with the animals and families to ensure a good placement for both. My husband and I have adopted both of our dogs from Best Friends and would do so again.
  • Vicki-Lynn Terpstra| Billings | 1- Year Anniversary
    Relay for Life of Yellowstone County is one of the largest cancer fundraisers in the world.  Two in every 3 people diagnosed with cancer today survive at least 5 years thanks in part to the American Cancer Society, Relay for Life.  Their support in research to end cancers and provide resources and support to those diagnosed with cancer is incredible.  Our community is committed to helping finish the fight against cancer and celebrate more birthdays.  Sadly cancer affect nearly everyone I know; whether their parent have suffered, they children have been diagnosed or their neighbor has endured treatments it has touched nearly everyone.  I may not be able to ease their pain nor cure their loved ones but I can work to raise funds in support of research and resources that can.
  • Fred Thomas | Stevensville | 35 – Year Anniversary
    The Gleason Foundation geniuses is Steve Gleason, a former NFL player with the New Orleans Saints. Unfortunately, he has ALS and our son Scott has a close relationship with Steve. This relationship has been very beneficial for both. Scott and Sarah have visited Steve in New Orleans and Steve helped Scott get his Eye Gaze computer equipment that allows Scott, Steve and may others to continue to communicate and work through automation!!! Our family would be delighted to have our PayneWest Insurance donate to the Gleason Foundation.
  • Lauren Marsh | Bozeman | 1 – Year Anniversary
    I would love for my one year anniversary gift to be given to Dress for Success of Billings because not only have they been a client of PayneWest since 1999, but I also believe deeply in their mission of preparing women for the workforce.  “I am proud to support Dress for Success of Billings in their mission to prepare women for the workforce.  Through their suiting program, they have enabled almost 7,000 area women to be their most professional, confident selves by providing workplace appropriate clothing and a complementary haircut to interviewing and newly employed women. Additionally, their Career Center offers training and professional development as women progress from interviewees to employees.  Dress for Success is truly an asset to the Billings community and I am happy to be able to support them this year.”
  • Joyce Nilsson-Nelson | Coeur d’Alene | 10 – Year Anniversary
    I would like to make my donation to the Susan G. Komen organization. My mother had breast cancer and I know people that are currently battling breast cancer or have battled breast cancer and I myself personally join in this battle.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer and am having a cancerous lump removed this Thursday.  I feel that they are a great organization and am honored to be able to donate to them.

    June 2016

  • Jessica Long | Coeur d’Alene | 1 – Year Anniversary
    First off let me say how honored and amazed that I work for such an amazing company! To donate money to a wonderful charity in my name just for me completing my first year of employment is beyond generous. I feel truly blessed and happy every day that I get to come to work with such wonderful people at a wonderful company. So thank you for this opportunity and I would be happy to provide you with the name of local charity to donate to. As a mother, I really connect with this charity and the need to help out children. Children’s Village: Dedicated to provide a safe haven and restore hope for children who have been abused, neglected or are in a severe family crisis.
  • Peter Howard | Coeur d’Alene | 5 – Year Anniversary
    I would like to have my donation go to The Coeur Group.  I was welcomed into the CG right when I arrived in Coeur d’Alene and this group has given me wonderful personal and business friendships.  In addition to the friendships, I’ve been able to volunteer on some fun and rewarding projects that benefit our community. Info on group:  “The Coeur Group was established in February 2004 and consists of a collection of young businessmen in the Coeur d’Alene area representing various industries in the community. Since creation, the Coeur Group has donated thousands of hours to local causes, including projects for schools, non-profit organizations and charities. We are proud of all of our past and current projects, including the Locker Program and our fund drive with Kroc Center in Coeur d’Alene.”
  • Linda Clark  | Yakima | 10 – Year Anniversary
    I would like the donation to go to YWCA of Yakima.   This organization empowers women and girls by building their self-esteem.  They provide emergency shelter to domestic violence victims and their children. I have donated clothes, shoes and purses to this organization’s Dress for Success program.  Several other women here in the Yakima PayneWest Insurance office also donate regularly to this program.  It enables women getting out of domestic violence situations to become gainfully employed.
  • Keius Milam  | Billings | 1 – Year Anniversary
    I would like to choose Yellowstone River Parks Association to receive that.  This organization does so much good for every age group and walk of life in our community.
  • Tyler McIntyre | Missoula | 1 – Year Anniversary
    I’d like my donation to go to Seattle Children’s Hospital and Research Foundation for personal reasons.  It is an amazing hospital filled with extremely talented people who are changing lives.  I don’t think we could ever spend enough on the advancements in medical research.
  • Heather Morton | Boise – Baker City | 1 – Year Anniversary
    The organization I would like the donation to go to is the Eagle Cap VFW Post 4307 in memory of my late Grandfather Richard A. Marshall, Navy veteran. My grandfather Richard A Marshall was a Navy Veteran, he earned two purple hearts during his service. He was the kindest man I have ever known. He was extremely loving, loyal and a man of integrity that always persevered.  He was also one of the toughest men ever built. Even the mafia couldn’t keep him down, although they tried on several attempts,  even resorting to throwing him in a trunk and leaving him for dead in the middle of the desert. It took 3 days but he made it back to his family. The thing I miss most about him was his voice, so soft and kind. When he passed away the Eagle Cap VFW played the taps at his funeral. I will never forget the  goosebumps and chills listening to the soulful sadness they made.
  • Andrea Pittman  | Cottage Grove | 1 – Year Anniversary
    I would like to donate my one year donation to the Bohemia Mining Days.
  • Tom Davis | Spokane | 20 – Year Anniversary
    The organization I would like to designate is called Antioch Adoptions.  They are a faith based organization that comes alongside foster/adoptive families and helps to eliminate many of the costs associated with adopting a foster child. Antioch also helps families navigate the state’s process.  My wife and I re-licensed as foster parents through Antioch in December of 2014 and are currently working towards the possibility of adopting the three children in our care.  Antioch has been an absolute god-send to have beside us, they are truly about helping the kids and their foster parents make a successful transition into a “forever family”.
  • Mary Miller | Missoula | 1 – Year Anniversary
    The organization that I would like PayneWest Insurance to donate $50 to is Lymphoma Research Foundation (LRF). As you well know, my life was greatly changed by lymphoma eight years ago.  LRF is devoted to funding innovative lymphoma research and providing people with lymphoma and healthcare professionals with up-to-date information about this type of cancer. LRF’s mission is to eradicate lymphoma and serve those touched by this disease.  LRF is an organization that I am proud to support and I believe it is one that is in line with our mission and philosophy.
  • Nicci Cushman  | Coeur dAlene |  15 – Year Anniversary
    I would like the EXCEL Foundation to be the recipient for the donation.  They are a foundation that I recently joined the board for & have attached a little information about them.  I am excited to be on the board & be involved in the amazing opportunities that they bring to the kids in our area!
    The EXCEL Foundation funds grants to teachers for innovative classroom projects in Coeur d’Alene School District 271. These projects would not be funded with ongoing school maintenance dollars. Funding is meant to improve the learning experience of students and encourage teachers with creative approaches to education. Grants are not awarded based on particular areas of emphasis or rigid criteria. Instead, the EXCEL Board seeks unique and inventive ideas which will increase a student’s motivation to learn while developing higher level thinking skills and depth of knowledge.
  • Jennifer Buchanan | Bozeman | 10- Year Anniversary
    I am so thrilled to be celebrating 10 years with PWI this year!  What a ride it has been.  I would like my donation to go to Reach Inc.  http://reachinc.org/ Thank so much!  I can’t think of a better gift than to give back to this organization that does amazing things.
  • Nate Allie  | Billings | 20 – Year Anniversary
    I would like to choose the Valley County Search and Rescue as my charitable organization.  They are near and dear to me for two reasons.  First, they were founded by my Uncle about 30 years ago.  Second, they saved my bacon on more than one occasion.  Once while hunting up along the Canadian border, a winter storm rolled in and by dark we were cold, wet, stuck, and out of gas.  It took them until the middle of the night to find us but they did.   Several years later while boating on Ft. Peck Lake, a wind storm came up while we were several miles up the lake.  While motoring home in the heavy waves, my boat died.  I sent the wife and kids in with another boat while I bobbed across the lake in the wind for hours.  The Volunteers of Valley County Search and Rescue finally found me and hauled my cold wet butt home again. That is why they are my favorite non-profit.
  • Sara Metcalf  | Missoula | 1- Year Anniversary
    I have chosen The Copper Connection/UM Intercollegiate Athletics as I am a volunteer member and have so enjoyed helping the athletes that have come and gone through the years at the University of Montana.  The Copper  Connection originated 28 years ago to promote intercollegiate athletics with the emphasis on women’s basketball, tennis, track, volleyball and men’s cross country.  Later adding women’s soccer and golf plus the cheerleading/dance squad and most recently our UM Softball team.  Our group raises funds to provide support to these teams by providing money for uniforms, helping out with sport tournaments, purchasing laptop computers for use during travel, furnishing food for nourishment on bus trips for our traveling teams as well as funds to purchase all kinds of equipment used by the various sports. Being a Mother and Grandmother to many athletes myself, it gives me great pride to support these young adults as they complete their educations.  Our organization works hard to raise monies to support our donations so I am very appreciative for the $50.00 you have offered to donate on my behalf.
  • Mike Orlich | Spokane | 1- Year Anniversary
    The charity I would like to give my donation to is Kruizin’ 4 Seniors.  I’ve been involved with this organization for the last 20 years.  My sister started it as a way to give back to the older people in the community at Christmas time.  When it first started they only had enough fund raising to help out the local nursing home and has since grown to all of Stillwater County.  They now have a website and would like to encourage you to please take a look at what and how it touches so many people in the area.  The website is www.kruizin4seniors.org it is very well put together and explains in more detail the functions of their operations.
  • Rich School | Bozeman | 1- Year Anniversary
    So, I have selected The Michael J. Fox Foundation as the recipient of my donation. It’s really cool that PayneWest donates charitably on behalf of its employees. I took a bit of time to think about this, and my decision partially came from a selfish place, as well as one that hits close to home. My grandmother passed away years ago from Parkinson’s Disease, she had stage 5 Parkinson’s with Parkinson’s Disease Dementia. I honestly didn’t know much about it, I just knew that Michael J. Fox had it, and it caused uncontrollable tremors, that was the extent of my knowledge. For years my grandma had a difficult time getting around, and it was a mild burden on the family. Whenever she would visit us and other family members, I remember everyone making jokes about preparing to go very slow and how long she took to do things. At the time, no one had any idea that there was a real medical reason.
    At some point, she fell, which caused a trip to the ER. While she was there, the doctors noticed and diagnosed here with Parkinson’s. It came as a shock, and suddenly the whole family was filled with guilt about our jokes and our complaints. She only lasted a few months after that. She rapidly lost her memory, and was often times confused as to where she was, or what was going on. Near the end, she no longer recognized my mom (her daughter), and I never really got the opportunity to tell her goodbye.

May 2016

  • Daniel | 1- Year Anniversary
    I just received your letter about PayneWest giving to a charity of my choice for my one year anniversary.  This is such a pleasant surprise to receive on my 1 year work anniversary! I am excited to be working a company like PayneWest that emphasizes so much on our communities.  As for the charity I would like the $50 to go to, I choose the MPS Society.  They help raise awareness and fund research to find a cure to Mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS).  MPS is a genetic disease that one of my good childhood friends had his whole life.  He ended up passing away when we were in high school, fighting 5 years past the best case scenario that his doctors had originally given him.  Others can donate at mpssociety.org.
  • Jay Christensen | Medford | 5-Year Anniversary
    I would like this donation to go to HOPE Equestrian Center. Heidi and I were introduced to Autism when our son Cooper turned 3 years of age. We were fortunate enough to have a good group within our community that educated us to many support services available that could make a big difference in our son’s life. One of these gracious groups was HOPE Equestrian Center. Later on in Coop’s life (10 years old) he grew to love his visits with his horse “Cowboy” at HOPE. He formed a connection within this horse community and it has shown to help him so much later in life. Although Cooper’s Mom and Dad knew little about horses and our funds were limited at the time, HOPE was right there to assist in sponsoring him. They have had a huge impact in Cooper’s success, and the successes of many other children in our community. It is my pleasure to designate my donation to this organization and hopefully help the next generation of children that are in need of this type of assistance. It moved us so much, that my late wife Heidi, was able to express our gratitude by speaking at an annual fundraiser they hold. This speech is still one of the many remarkable things she has done that I am so proud of.
  • Shaun Peterson | Kalispell | 30-Year Anniversary
    Orphan’s Lifeline International in Kalispell – “I got your letter that I get to select the nonprofit organization of my choice for a PWI donation to celebrate my 30 year anniversary. Awesome!  Wow, time flies, I am so blessed! Orphan’s Lifeline International is a great organization that supports thousands of orphans around the world, with very little administrative expense.  About 12 years ago, they came and spoke at my church and inspired Ade and I to adopt Mya — so, obviously this organization is dear to my heart, and we continue to support them on a monthly basis.”
  • Dianne Centrella | Helena | 10-Year Anniversary
    “I would like my donation to go to Head Start. My reason is the same – every child is a gift and should be able to reach their god given potential.   I believe in my heart that the Head Start program does a great job in giving many children this opportunity.  It is wonderful to see children having the opportunity to start at an early age with opening their little minds to education.”
  • Tex Seaton  | Missoula | 20-Year Anniversary
    “I will give my $250 donation to Teller Wildlife Refuge in Corvallis. They do great work with habitat restoration and provide many educational opportunities for kids in the Bitterroot Valley involving research, preservation and wildlife management.”
  • Dale Hanson | Hamilton | 10-Year Anniversary
    Partnership for Children – “Since I can remember, I have always felt a soft spot for children less fortunate. Growing up, I never realized that my family wasn’t rich…I just brought every new student in my class home to meet my family and to have meals with us. And as I grew, married and had children, that inner need to help the less fortunate children continued to follow me. Jackie, Aaron, Adam, and I welcomed children to our Choteau home for ten years through the Golden Triangle Therapeutic Foster Care Program, sharing our home with 11 children over a ten-year period. And our move to Missoula in 2005 introduced us to Bitterroot Youth Homes and eventually their sister organization, Partnership for Children. Jackie and I have been monthly supporters of both organizations for a number of years. I also sat on the Bitterroot YH advisory board for several years. Since I currently write the Business Insurance for Partnership for Children, I would like my contribution, given on my behalf by PWI, to go to PFC.”
  • Travis Davis | Madras/Bend | 1-Year Anniversary
    “I would like the donation to go to the Buckingham Elementary PTA. My boys are in 2nd and 4th grade at Buckingham and I have been volunteering at the school ever since they started.  Buckingham is a STEM school, focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  Our current fundraising efforts are in support of our new STEM Design Club, in particular the Lego Robotics program.  This year I am a coach for the Lego Robotics team and my 4th grader is all geeked up about it.  Our competition is in the fall, so I’ll have to send you some photos of our competition around Thanksgiving.  This donation will us buy a needed additional Lego robotics kit so that even more kids can participate.”
  • Tiffanie Williams | Cottage Grove | 1-Year Anniversary
    “I would like to have the donation be made to Shriners Children’s Hospital.  Our youngest daughter had to have reconstructive surgery on her knee at 7 years old.  Because her case was so rare, doctors throughout the country took a look at what the best solution would be for her.  Shriner’s in Portland put together a team of doctors to help her, they took and continue to take excellent care of her!!  I am forever grateful to them and love to help support them.  Thank you for helping me with that by making my anniversary donation!”

April 2016

  • Kathy Thompson | Butte | 1-Year Anniversary
    Alberts Angel Fund – “In memory of Shebang, the cat we had for 16 years. She is missed.”
  • Jenna Weber | Yakima | 5-Year Anniversary
    Washington Apple Education Foundation
  • Scott Simmons | Spokane | 10-Year Anniversary
    “I would like for my $150 donation to go to the Liberty Community Education Foundation. The foundation was created to enhance the Liberty School District and the communities in which it serves, seeking to bridge a gap between what state and local funds provide and what the systems need to provide our students with the best possible education experiences, benefiting them now and in the future. Back in 2006, to seize the PayneWest opportunity, my wife Julia and I pulled up our stakes and moved our three young boys to south Spokane County.  After much thought, we decided to put our kids into a rural school that we felt would provide them opportunities that they might not have in the larger Spokane districts.  Here, our boys thrived.  As with any school district we eventually found gaps that were usually related to funding.  Opting to become part of the solution, we got involved at a local level, providing our time and sweat to the booster club, where I ended up serving as an officer for five years.  In 2012, I was elected as a school board director, a position that I continue to hold. Fast forward to 2016, and two of our three boys have graduated from Liberty and our youngest will be in the class of 2022. The LCEF has done a wonderful job of partnering with our community, and Liberty School District, to bridge a funding gap that continues to grow each year.   The Liberty Community is near and dear to my heart, and the primary place where we spend so much of our volunteer time.  The LCEF is my choice for a donation, and an organization that PayneWest would be proud to support.  In fact, the LCEF is also a client! Thank you to PayneWest for a great ten years, and for contributing to the Liberty Community Education Foundation on my behalf.”
  • Greg Elliott  | Billings | 1-Year Anniversary
    Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service
  • Kellie Donahue | Yakima | 5-Year Anniversary
    “I would like my donation to be presented to the ALS Foundation For Life. Per their website, “Our goal is to improve the quality of life for those living with ALS.” They support my belief that, while the search for a cure is of course important, we need to focus on the lives of those currently affected by the disease. As you’re well aware, Darryl is a family friend and former colleague living with ALS. The impact this has had on his life is incomprehensible, but he is fortunate to have a strong network of supportive family and friends. I chose this organization because they help people who do not have the means to acquire some of the assisted living equipment needed to get through everyday life with the disease.”

March 2016

  • Jessi Niehus | McMinnville | 5-Year Anniversary
    Juliette’s House – “I had an opportunity to tour and learn about Juliette’s House a few years ago through a Chamber Leadership class and was really blown away by the number of children in Yamhill County who receive services here (150-200 a year).  More so because all children who receive services there have been victims of some kind of child abuse.  To me, it was a shockingly horrific number of kids in such a small community, and since I have two very small children of my own, it really hit hard.  This program is a child abuse assessment facility that brings the children, their families, law enforcement, and medical professionals all into one safe and kid friendly home to try and make the situation as comfortable as can possibly be for the children and their families.  They really go the extra mile to assess and help these kids in a cozy home filled with books, stuffed animals, and caring and friendly staff.”
  • Erika Close | Missoula | 5-Year Anniversary
    Back Country Hunters and Anglers – “As a sportsman, I believe it is our duty to protect our public land and water.”
  • Jeff Wallace | Spokane | 5-Year Anniversary
    I would like St. Mary’s Catholic School to be the recipient of PayneWest’s $100 donation.  My daughters have attended this school since they were 3 years old.  St. Mary’s motto is “Faith, Knowledge, Community.”  Every day when I drop off or pick up my daughters and see these three words, it reminds me of PayneWest’s 3 Cs.  Not only are my daughters receiving an excellent education at St. Mary’s, they are being raised in a community that is tight-knit and protective, and is developing their faith in God and respect of others.  In all the years I have been a St. Mary’s parent, I have seen countless students grow up, move on to high school, and become responsible and respectful young adults.  St. Mary’s runs on a tight budget – they use a good portion of their funds to provide tuition assistance to families who want their children to attend St. Mary’s, but otherwise would not be able to afford the tuition.  It is my hope that PayneWest’s donation will help a family move one step closer to sending their child to St. Mary’s in the coming school year.
  • Eva Koschik | Richland | 10-Year Anniversary
    Boys & Girls Club of Benton & Franklin County – “I am choosing the Boys & Girls Club of Franklin County because they make a positive difference in children’s lives. They provide a safe place for kids to go to after school. I believe be an at-risk youth having even one positive person/experience in their life can make a big impact on their life and future. I have a heart for troubled youth and have been involved in many volunteer opportunities over the years working with youth. Sometimes all it takes to get these kids through is a glimmer of hope.”
  • Bryan Roach | Billings | 20-Year Anniversary
    The Center for Children and Families – “With absolutely no hesitation and the first thought to my brain is The Center for Children and Families. They approach their labor of love with one question: “What is in the best interest of the child?”  Our future is in the hands of our children and many don’t have a voice due to circumstances they have been dealt.  The Center for Children works to give those kids a voice and chance at a happy and healthy childhood.  If that is successful, odds are good the child will grow into a happy, healthy adult, thereby breaking the cycle of distraught caused by addiction, abuse and mental illness.”
  • Debbie Tona | Boise | 5-Year Anniversary
    The Peregrine Fund – “Every day just outside my office window there are a pair of bald eagles that land and fly overhead.  At my home we have a pair of Swainson’s hawks that nest every year, last year their off spring learned how to fly from my back yard. The majestic beauty of all of these birds always amazes me and anyone that visits Birds of Prey in Boise, that is run by the Peregrine Fund, will know how important their work is to preserving these amazing birds for our future generations.”
  • Karen Beadles | Coeur d’Alene | 30-Year Anniversary
    North Idaho Boxer Rescue – “We got our second boxer, Zeus, from the rescue in November and we absolutely love him! This organization takes in boxers and finds them loving homes.  Most of the boxers are in need of veterinary care when they are brought in. The rescue takes care of the dogs and survives solely on donations and money from the adoptions.  The guy that runs the rescue, Steve Ducommun, would keep every Boxer that came in, if he could.  He is a wonderful man and loves each of the dogs he rescues!”
  • Roxi Eslinger | Richland | 20-Year Anniversary
    Shriners Hospitals for Children – “My older brother, Tony, was born three months premature. Keep in mind this was 69 years ago so it was a miracle that he survived.  Tony was supposed to have a twin brother and unfortunately he did not survive. Tony’s legs were in bad shape as he was too crowded.  He spent months at Shriners Hospital in Portland, Oregon. He had multiple surgeries before the age of five and a few others after he got older. He wore braces on both legs for his entire life. Tony passed away many years ago, but without Shriners and their wonderful care, his quality of life would have been very different and I don’t know what my parents would have done. This wonderful organization will always have a special place in my heart for what they did for my brother and thousands of other children.”


February 2016

  • Alyssa Creighton | Butte | 10-Year Anniversary
    United Way of Beaverhead County – “What better way to give back than right here at home, supporting the community that I call home? Through this donation, I hope to be able to help support many organizations in our area that make Beaverhead County a better place to live for so many people.”
  • Jennifer Orme | Kalispell | 5-Year Anniversary
    Humane Society of Northwest Montana
  • Michael Callaghan | Missoula | 15-Year Anniversary
    Missoula Developmental Service Corporation – “They have a long history of dedicated service to our community and currently offer support to over 75 adults living in 12 homes in addition to operating two day-activities centers. I have worked with MDSC since I first started with Western States and have continued that relationship since we have become PayneWest.  In that time the staff at MDSC has earned my complete admiration and respect.  They are true professionals who selflessly advocate for the individuals within their care.  The work they do is inspirational and they are exceedingly worthy of our support. While they started out as my customer, they have become so much more; they are my friends.”
  • Natalie Anderson | Hamilton | 10-Year Anniversary
    Ovarian Cancer Research Fund – “I have had family and friends fighting breast and ovarian cancer over the last several years.”
  • Renna Koth | Great Falls | 1-Year Anniversary
    Humane Society of Cascade County  – “They do a great job of taking in rescues and find them loving homes.”
  •  Sheila Plettenberg | Helena | 5-Year Anniversary
    Helena Food Share – “I believe that money will be used best through Food Share to reach families that run short every month.  It is amazing to me what they are able to accomplish with the resources that they have.  There are so many people in our community that rely on them on a daily, weekly, and monthly.  Food Share is there to help.”
  • Wendy Adam | Missoula | 5-Year Anniversary
    Make A Wish Montana – “I have personally witnessed what families with children who have life threatening challenges face and appreciate the glimmer of hope and sparks of happiness that granting a wish can do, not only for the child, but the entire family.”


January 2016

  • Debbie Livermore | Bozeman | 10-Year Anniversary
    Family Promise of Gallatin County  – “I have contributed in the past monetarily and by volunteering to this organization.  I really embrace their mission to give homeless families a hand up and not just a hand out.  They do a great job of getting homeless families on the right path to a long-term better future.”
  • Jonathan Emmons | Helena | 20-Year Anniversary
    Four Georgians Elementary School (4Gs) – “I would like the money to go to the lunch program at 4Gs Elementary School, Helena, MT. No child should go hungry.”
  • Kris Schmaus | Helena | 1-Year Anniversary
    American Cancer Society  – “I have had a few family members diagnosed with cancer, but it really hit close to home this past summer when my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer.  Because of her colonoscopy and somewhat early detection, she had surgery and is cancer free.  She is doing preventive chemo currently to lower her risk of it returning and will be done on January 19th!”


December 2015

  • Brenda Smith | Boise | 10-Year Anniversary
    Ally & Brady’s Gift of Hope – “This past year autism hit closer to home for me.  I have a dear cousin whose son has been diagnosed with autism.  I’ve been able to share with her information and resources due to the work of Ally and Brady’s Gift of Hope. It’s outstanding what this foundation has done to help families in Idaho dealing with autism. This is a cause I love to support.”
  • Larry Koomler | Boise | 10-Year Anniversary
    Big Brothers Big Sisters of SW Idaho
  • Linda Miner | Boise | 10-Year Anniversary
    American Heart Association– “My mom had quadruple heart surgery at least 10 years ago and finally her heart gave out 8 years ago and she passed away.”
  • Scott Allen | Bozeman | 15-Year Anniversary
    Shriners Hospital for Children – Spokane– “This is a charity I always support one way or another to help children and families receive the support and medical care they need. I have personally witnessed the success of the program and the smiles it brings.”


November 2015


October 2015

  • Amy Eggleston | Missoula | 1-Year Anniversary
    Humane Society of Western Montana
  • Angela Thompson | McMinnville | 15-Year Anniversary
    SMART (Start Making a Reader Today)– “This  program instills a love of books into grade schoolers by reading to them and giving them two books a month to take home for their very own. I have been reading to kindergartners weekly during the school year for over 10 years now. It is amazing to see some of them start the school year not  knowing their alphabet, colors, and how to count to 20. Some don’t even know you read from left to right. When the children have fun stories read to them, they can’t wait to learn!”
  • Beth Miller | Kalispell | 1-Year Anniversary
    Northwest Montana Veterans Stand Down and Food Pantry– “I believe we owe it to all generations of veterans to stand behind them.  Per capita, Montana has one of the highest number of veterans in the nation.  I managed their thrift store prior to coming to PayneWest.  My mom still works there and she is in her 80’s.  Giving a homeless veterans winter survival gear, clothing, food and bedding is one of the most moving experiences I’ve ever encountered in a volunteer or work environment.”
  • Brandy Poole | Bozeman | 1-Year Anniversary
    Wounded Warrior Project
  • Dave Montelius | Missoula | 25-Year Anniversary
    YWCA– “The YWCA has been a long-time insured of ours and I have attended many fundraisers for them. I also contribute to them individually. The YMCA provides a safe place for women and children to go that have been subject to violence or rape. They also provide counseling and support services to help these women get back on their feet and to get back into the community.  The YWCA also coordinates court-ordered visitation with children and their parents who been subject to a domestic violence situation in their family.  Transitional housing is also a service provided by the YMCA until suitable housing is found.”
  • Jeff Rummel | Missoula | 15-Year Anniversary
    Child’s Play- “This organization coordinates with children’s hospitals and domestic violence shelters worldwide to provide toys, movies, books and video games based on wish lists that individual hospitals set up on Amazon.”
  • Pattie Warner | McMinnville | 5-Year Anniversary
    “See Ya Later” Foundation
  • Stacey Anderson | Madras | 10-Year Anniversary
    Kids Club of Jefferson County– “This organization is such a valuable resource for working parents in this community. They offer great programs and camps all year long for the children of Jefferson County. This organization makes this working mom feel comfortable to have my children taken care of in a safe and loving environment. The staff at Kids Club are amazing and my children love to go to Kids Club each day after school and during the summer.”
  • Taylor Montgomery | Missoula | 1-Year Anniversary
    Humane Society of Western Montana- “I joke with my family that if I had the space, I would adopt every animal I come across.  Right now I have three dogs and a cat.  Obviously I can’t adopt every animal, so it is comforting knowing that the Humane Society does a wonderful job placing animals in loving forever homes.”

September 2015

  • Amy Courser | Kalispell | 15-Year Anniversary
    American Diabetes Association– “I have been a Type 1 diabetic for 15 years now.  The ADA’s mission is “to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes.”  The research they fund and services they provide are invaluable.  They provide a vast amount of information, guidance and support to diabetics and their families.  I have relied on them many times for a variety of issues, from various diabetes complications to meal planning and fitness tips.  I also look forward to the technology advances that are being made through their research funding.”
  • Colin Dow | Boise | 1-Year Anniversary
    WITCO Inc. – “I recently joined this non-profit board. Their mission is to assist people with mental and physical disabilities live healthy and productive lives, primarily by way of helping them find gainful employment and integrating into their community. It’s pretty near and dear to my heart given that I have an older brother with Downs Syndrome whose life is radically better than it would be otherwise because he works, owns a home and lives his life the way he wants to. He’s a remarkable human being!”
  • Darla Avery | Cottage Grove | 40-Year Anniversary
    The Cottage Grove Community Foundation- “Over the past few years I have given this foundation money for the annual scholarship fund.  I believe that I was given the opportunity to higher education and I am sure that I want to continue to provide for my community money to help every child achieve their dreams.”
  • Debbie Wagner | Billings | 20-Year Anniversary
    Kiwanis Club Foundation of Billings Heights– “I have been a member of the Kiwanis Club of Billings Heights since 2008, serving as its president from 2010-2011 and as a board member for the last five years. Kiwanis, an international organization, is “dedicated to changing the world, one child and one community at a time and believe that helping a child helps the world.”
  • Julie Collins | Missoula | 15-year Anniversary
    Ronald McDonald House– “My brother used the Ronald McDonald House in Seattle when his oldest daughter was a year old, and then the one in Billings after his second daughter was born. I have volunteered at the Missoula location over the past few years, and have seen first-hand how much it means to the community.  I’m glad to have the opportunity to give back.”
  • Sherry O’Brien | Richland | 30-Year Anniversary
    Benton Franklin Humane Society– “Last year during PayneWest Giving Our Best month, I volunteered at the Benton Franklin Human Society.  This was one of the most rewarding experiences.  I was able to see how well the animals are taken care of,  how many wonderful people work and donate their time to the animals and also how much help they need every day. To anyone, go down to your local animal shelter and volunteer.  It will make you smile, and you just might fall in love with one of the animals and adopt!”
  • Vicki Chapman | Helena | 20-Year Anniversary
    Angel Fund– “I have always been a big supporter of schools and the children.”
  • Miriam Avery | Billings | 15-Year Anniversary
    Billings YWCA – “I believe so strongly in the Billings YWCA and what this organization does for our community that I recently became a YWCA Board Member.  This is one of those WORKING, ROLL-UP YOUR SLEEVES BOARD.”

August 2015

  • Dwindy Wood | Medford | 10-Year Anniversary
    WinterSpring- “Over the years, I have witnessed the healing that WinterSpring helps facilitate, and experienced it myself through many losses. One in particular stands out when one of my former bosses passed away from pancreatic cancer.  He had moved out of state and there was no local service for him, but there were a lot of people that were feeling the loss and wishing there was something they could do to celebrate his memory.  I decided to take up a collection to have a stone carved for him on the WinterSpring Wall of Remembrance, at the WinterSpring Memorial Grove, in Donahue-Frohnmayer Park here in Medford.  The responses to my request for contributions was so great, we were also able to have some shrubs planted in his memory. Being able to honor his memory in this way really helped me through the grief process.”
  • John Neer | Richland | 25-Year Anniversary
    Cork’s Place at The Chaplaincy- “Cork’s Place is a program offered to children ages 3 to 18 who are going through the grieving process after losing a loved one.  It’s hard enough as an adult to go through all the emotions that come with any death and to compound this with being a young person and not having any of life’s experiences to lean on makes it so much more difficult.”
  • Stacy Dougherty | Missoula | 5-Year Anniversary
    Ronald McDonald House– “Recently my brother-in-law and his wife welcomed their first son nine weeks early.  Weighing less than 4 pounds, Jimmy stayed in the NICU at Community Medical Center for a little over five weeks.  While they didn’t stay at the Ronald McDonald house during this, I saw firsthand the rigorous schedule they were on and the stress they were under.  Having a nice, comfortable place to stay where you’re able to cook meals and have some kind of normalcy is so important.”

July 2015

  • Brandi Costin | Billings | 1-Year Anniversary
    Yellowstone County Relay For Life– “This is the world’s largest and most impactful fundraising event to end cancer! While working at Atlanta Federal Credit Union, a close friend of mine asked me to attend the event with her, unaware at the time that it would be one of many for me! As the sun went down and I saw my first luminaria being lit, I was hooked! I will never forget the calm that overcame me when I realized I am part of something that is so impactful and means so much to so many! In the following weeks after the event, I met with Atlanta FCU’s CEO, to request her support as a corporate contributor for the next event. For the next eight years, I spearheaded fundraising events and organized our celebratory BBQ’s held each year at our campsite just before the event’s kickoff! In the last five years I have not contributed to the event as part of a corporate team, instead my contributions have been focused on cheerleading my family and friends in their fundraising efforts.”
  • Courtney Golz | Bozeman | 5-Year Anniversary
    Warriors & Quiet Waters– “This organization incorporates my family’s love for the water and fishing. It has also opened our eyes to the wounded warriors here in our back yard, very humbling.”
  • Kim Fossum | Boise | 1-Year Anniversary
    The Pet Fund
  • Lorraine Firth | Cottage Grove | 15-Year Anniversary
    Family Relief Nursery– “Imagine yourself with the pressures of a young family, struggling to make ends meet, the demands of young children and health problems in today’s society. There are so many young families facing these types of situations that need a place to go to receive help in dealing with the stress of everyday struggles. This is a place that offers friendship, support, good advice on how to deal with numerous situations, and life skills in coping. This is what Family Relief Nursery offers and so much more.”
  • Patty Morris | Cottage Grove | 1-Year Anniversary
    Alvord Taylor– “My daughter, Courtney Sand, who is 24 years old, is a medically fragile, severely disabled young adult that lives in a Alvord Taylor home. This is an amazing program that helps handicapped people live independently with full-time caregivers and nursing staff.They go out on adventures in the community, help take them to doctor appointments, and they live with them around the clock. There are three adults in this home and it feels just like a family.”
  • Roxanne Duckworth | Missoula | 1-Year Anniversary
    Youth Homes, Inc.– “This organization provides an array of services to support at-risk youth throughout Western Montana. I support Youth Homes because they use a group home care model for children and teens who are suffering from a family breakdown. They have the viewpoint that children should rejoin with their own families or succeed with a foster care family once they receive care, and that the program design addresses the unique differences of age and gender issues within each home.”


June 2015

  • Caryn Clinesmith | Spokane | 10-Year Anniversary
    Life Services- “As a young person, I found myself in need of assistance for an unexpected pregnancy.  At the time, there weren’t a lot of resources.  I know Life Services helps walk with young women through an unexpected pregnancy to the end.  They have a mobile ultrasound bus, a home for pregnant mothers, classes and support groups after babies are born.  I want to support a group who provides encouragement to young men and women and supports life affirming a woman’s choice to choose life for her baby.  They receive no government funding and are solely supported by charitable giving.  Although I’m years beyond my young choices, I still have a desire to help people walking through these big choices.”
  • Chelsie Metzentine | Madras | 1-Year Anniversary
    Three Rivers Humane Society– “Three Rivers Humane Society was founded in 2012, with the goal of creating a better place for the animals while they patiently wait to find their forever home.This past winter proved to be a monster, we had snow storms that dumped three feet of snow within a 12 hour time period. We had temperatures drop and stay well below zero for days. The staff at TRHS sent a plea throughout the town for anybody willing to help as the dogs (all still outside in the kennels) were snowed in and freezing, they did not have enough heated blankets, heated water bowls or Igloos. And this is where I became completely amazed, as this little bitty dog shelter had the support of almost all of Central Oregon. Within hours all of the dogs (I believe the number was around 20) had been transported to vet clinics or fostered in homes. The shelter was empty all because of a little bit of love. People were all over social media, sharing the story, they even made a headline in the local news. The shelter was given blankets, food, dog houses, money, and heavy duty tarps to surround the kennels.The attitude at Three Rivers Humane Society reminds me a lot of PayneWest and our Three C’s. Their Clients are their adopters; without loving people willing to give a shelter dog a chance, they would have no choice but euthanize or turn away abandoned pups. Their Colleagues may not have two legs like our,s but they treat every dog in that place like family and would probably like to throw a party whenever they get to see a dog find its “fur-ever” home. And the Community, who would have ever thought that a dog shelter at the end of a dirt road could bring together a community like they have done.”
  • Cindy Thelen | Billings | 20-Year Anniversary
    YWCA– “I would like to make my contribution to the YWCA in memory of my mother, Therese Osburn. She was a nominee for Salute to Women in 1999 and received the Distinguished Service Award by the YWCA. My mother was first introduced to the YWCA in 1990 and soon thereafter became a board member. Almost immediately, she became an ambassador for the YWCA by encouraging and promoting its programs and helping women in crisis (as survivors of rape or domestic violence and aiding these women in job training and career counseling), serving on committees and assisting with fund raising. Over the years, she had been a promoter and lead person behind several fund raising events including bridge luncheons, Salute to Women receptions, Women’s Night Out events, and numerous dinners. I was privileged to assist my mother in a number of projects that benefited the YWCA. I feel as passionate about the YWCA’s mission statement as my mother did.”
  • Heather Freeman | McMinnville | 1-Year Anniversary
    Church on the Hill-This ministry reaches out to teens in the community and encourages personal and spiritual growth. They also help fund summer camps and other ministries. My three daughters were able to go to summer camp because of their donation and my son was recently given money to go towards his 28 month mission trip to Chile.”
  • Kyle Lingscheit | Missoula | 15-Year Anniversary
    National MS Society– “I have a family member that has Multiple Sclerosis and I appreciate the work that the National MS Society is doing to develop treatment for this illness.”
  • Michelle DeMoss | Spokane | 1-Year Anniversary
    American Brain Tumor Association– “In August 2012, I was diagnosed with two brain tumors. One was a 9mm meningioma – located on the front lobe of my brain. The other is a 5mm Acoustic Neuroma located on the vein that connects my brain to my inner ear. On February 4, 2014, I had the 9mm meningioma removed by surgery. My neurosurgeon and his team were so helpful, knowledgeable, and supportive during the process. My case was shared with the American Association of Neurological Surgeons as the cause of the tumors is unknown. The ABTA supports patients like myself with research and information on tumors and their causes. I would like to support this cause so that their research on cases like mine may continue.”
  • Tabitha Eddlemon | Helena | 1-Year Anniversary
    Florence Crittenton Home

May 2015

  • Belinda Kaufman | Billings | 5-Year Anniversary
    Ramsey Keller Memorial –They raise funds to help families in Montana pay for funeral costs of babies under the age of one. Even if it’s not a financial hardship for the family, they believe no one should have to write a check for their child’s funeral. Taking the financial burden off of heartbroken Montana families is their passion. I learned of this foundation through unfortunate means, as my best friend lost her niece at birth. Their family has also been able to use this foundation as a platform of continuous group support. My donation is in memory of baby Lea (2014) and her mother, Candice (2015).”
  • Brad Huse | Bozeman | 1-Year Anniversary
    Cancer Support Community– “I was appointed to the CSC Board earlier this year. As a cancer survivor (diagnosed with Lymphoma in 2001) and someone who benefited greatly from strong community support during my fight, I am committed to supporting this worthwhile organization. The Cancer Support Community provides emotional support, education, and a place of comfort for those who are battling cancer. In addition, the CSC has a multitude of programs aimed at providing support and hope for cancer patients and their support system. While faith, medicine, and treatment protocols are critical to fighting cancer, emotional support and a strong positive mental disposition are also critical in the battle and this is where the Cancer Support Community excels. One of 52 chapters nationwide, the CSC provides a vital resource for cancer patients and we are fortunate to have their presence in the Gallatin Valley.”
  • Brandt Montelius | Missoula | 1-Year Anniversary
    Missoula Buddy Walk- “The Missoula Buddy Walk is put on by the National Down Syndrome Society. This is a 1 mile buddy walk to promote awareness of Down Syndrome. The funds raised go towards supporting individuals with Down Syndrome in our community and their families.”
  • Dayna Niebaum | Missoula | 1-Year Anniversary
    First Descents– “A family friend started First Descents to provide life-changing outdoor adventures for young adults (age 18-39) impacted by cancer. First Descents offers cancer fighters and survivors a free outdoor adventure experience designed to empower them to climb, paddle and surf beyond their diagnosis. My dad has been involved with the First Descents kayaking camp in Montana as a volunteer the last few years. My dad has also been battling cancer himself for the last nine years and he has always shared with me how powerful and life changing First Descents camps are for the campers and everyone involved. I have seen how much it has impacted my dad’s life and the joy he has after these week long camps. This organization is truly amazing and has changed the lives of so many young adults impacted by cancer.”
  • Judy Sharpe | Kalispell | 5-Year Anniversary
    Royal Oak Nursing Center- “I chose this organization because this is where my mom spent the last three years of her life.  She had frontal lobe dementia which has an effect on motor skills. After living with my sister for a few years, there came a point where we no longer had a choice of placing her in a nursing home.  After checking out several in the area, this was one of the few that was non-profit and had long-term staff members.  When my mom entered the nursing home, she was still coherent, however was no longer able to speak.  Even with no verbal communication, she managed to win over the hearts of those who took care of her as well as other patients.  We found the facility took excellent care of my mom and her caretakers showed great compassion.  In her final moments, her primary caretaker held one of her hands while my sister held the other.  She shed tears with my sister as mom passed.”
  • Kody Downey| Missoula | 1-Year Anniversary
    Life Savers Animal Rescue Polson“Life Savers Animal Rescue is where I got my dog from and these people do amazing work rescuing “red listed” dogs from high-kill shelters. They do not have an actual facility, so most of the volunteers for this program have set up areas in their own homes to keep most of these animals and sometimes individually have up to 20 dogs at a time!”
  • Michelle Pfile | Missoula | 1-Year Anniversary
    Grateful Nation Montana- “I come from a very patriotic family. My brother served in the Marines and my grandfather and great uncle both served in the Navy during WWII. I feel privileged to live in this country and during these times. We owe so must to those who serve in our armed forces and carry such a heavy burden to ensure our safety, freedoms, and democracy. I love that the Grateful Nation gives back to Montana families who have made the ultimate sacrifice by losing their loved ones in the service of their country. Providing scholarships for those children to ensure they will receive a quality education is so important. I personally understand how important a quality well-rounded education is to ensure that these children have choices and opportunities before them to pursue their dreams.”
  • Sandy Meyers | Billings | 10-Year Anniversary
    Homeless Education Program Billings Public Schools– “Sue Runkle is the coordinator of the homeless education program. Her main focus is to keep the children in school. She does everything that entails from having a cab pick them up and drop them off to making sure they get food and clothing. I am so glad that our school system sees this need and has someone like Sue to handle it. Each principal or teacher doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel every time they encounter a homeless student. Sue knows what if any, other social agencies can help and who to contact. Our office has adopted her program for the last two years for our Christmas giving project, which I have led. Last year we took her warm clothing as well as boxes of food items. We also gave her over $2,000 in gift cards for fast food restaurants and gas stations so the students can have something warm to eat.”
  • Sharon Davidson | Madras | 1-Year Anniversary
    Boys & Girls Club of Redmond/Terrebonne– “I would like the donation to go to Boys and Girls Club of Redmond/Terrebonne. My daughter goes to Boys and Girls Club every day and has for the last couple of years. The programs and support the club offers is beyond amazing. They offer a wide range of before-and -after school programs that encourage growth and a positive atmosphere for our kids. My daughter has excelled in her academics this year and I firmly believe that it is due to the after school tutor that gives her one-on-one help with her homework.”
  • Tom Downey | Butte | 40-Year Anniversary
    Queen of Victory Radio Association- This Catholic radio station in Butte was started over 9 years ago by Greg DePuydt and a group of local supporters. It is a low power FM station that broadcasts in Butte and the close surrounding area. The man who started the station moved out of the U.S. a couple of years ago. He did a great job of starting the station and getting it established. However with his move away from Butte, the station struggled in mid- 2013 and almost went out of business. I was recruited to become president of the station. With the addition of 2 more quality board members that I recruited, we are keeping the station going. The station serves local Catholics with most of the programming feed coming from EWTN. The listeners really appreciate being able to hear the daily broadcasts. The station operates without paid staff and I oversee many of the functions of the station. We are in the process of producing more local content for the station and the donation will help us with that initiative.”


April 2015

  • Annie Marlatt | Missoula | 1-Year Anniversary
    Seeley Lake Community Foundation
  • Beth Disney | Missoula | 5 Year Anniversary
    Ronald McDonald House-My youngest daughter, who is now 24, had surgery out in Seattle at The Children’s Hospital, at the age of 5 ½ months, for the removal of a cancerous tumor. In fact it will be 24 years ago on April 2! We were welcomed into the Ron McDonald house and spent a week there through her surgery and recovery. It’s an amazing organization and helps out so much when parents of sick children have so many things on their mind. I met so many families that were going through the same thing we were.”
  • Jean Merkel | Spokane | 20-Year Anniversary
    The City Gate Spokane-The City Gate serves the inner-city and homeless of Spokane as a church, social drop-in-center, food clothing bank, life skills and social services as well as low cost housing and emergency shelter rooms. Our very own PayneWest colleague, Bill Davis, is on the Board of Trustees and has contributed many hours of his time to assist with the operations and services for The City Gate.”
  • Kathy Burt | Helena | 30-Year Anniversary
    Rocky Mountain Development Council, Inc.- Rocky Mountain Development is committed to improving the quality of life for those who face poverty or for whom mental illness, isolation or age puts them at unusual risk. Their programs include Head Start, Meals on Wheels, Senior Clubs, Energy Assistance, Foster Grandparents, Housing & Community Development, etc. Rocky Mountain has a great staff of employees who are just wonderful people.”
  • Matthew Hardy | Billings | 10-Year Anniversary
    Homes for Hope- A Home for Hope is a charity home built by a builder and his/her trade partners – subcontractors, suppliers, and consultants – on a largely pro bono basis. The net proceeds go to support the fight against global poverty, especially through the work of HOPE International.”
  • Nicole Obrist | McMinnville | 10-Year Anniversary
    A Family Place- Emerging Relief Nursery of Yamhill County-They provide some pretty amazing resources to families that need it the most. They also provide education to families that need to learn how to be a good parent and a good family.”
  • Paul Terrazas | Missoula | 1-Year Anniversary
    Missoula County 4-H-I was a part of this program growing up and believe in its mission.”



March 2015

  • Ashley Willett | Bozeman | 1-Year Anniversary
    Manhattan Public Schools Foundation, Inc.
  • Bob Borsvold | Billings | 30-Year Anniversary
    Help for Homeless Pets- This is an all-volunteer, no-kill, animal shelter founded in 1998. Their mission is to provide temporary shelter or foster homes to stray animals until permanent homes can be found. They currently house more than 140 animals.”
  • Jenny Whiting | Cottage Grove | 10-Year Anniversary
    Cottage Grove Humane Society- “I picked this organization because I love animals and helping them in any way. This organization does a great job of being an advocate for animals. They are a small organization and could use the money to help spay and neuter pets and it can assist in getting animals to their forever homes.”
  • Kerry Heine | Missoula | 35-Year Anniversary
    Boy Scouts of America- From as long ago as I can remember, I grew up as a wannabe scout on the coattails of my dad who was a scoutmaster for over 25 years, my brother and my son, who finished the program as an Eagle Scout. The Boy Scout program is accessible to young people of all walks of life, teaching fundamental principles of honesty, trust, loyalty and self-reliance and building a young person’s character and confidence, enabling them to be leaders and examples throughout their life. I have seen firsthand the positive impact scouting has had on many youth as well as the adults who volunteer their time and efforts to the program.”
  • Margy Wilkinson | Albany | 15-Year Anniversary
    Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Foundation- I have selected this foundation in honor of my husband, Mark. He was diagnosed with non-hodgkin lymphoma a little over 2 years ago. He received his treatment at the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute. His doctor and the staff were phenomenal. They leave no stone unturned when it comes to diagnosing and providing the best treatment. It has been a long road but I am pleased to say he is doing well.”
  • Marsha Edwards | Richland | 15-Year Anniversary
    Tri-Cities Chaplaincy/Hospice- “I have long been a supporter of Tri-Cities Chaplaincy (Hospice). They are incredibly caring people who do a job most of us could never do. My recent experience with Hospice of Arizona re-confirmed the value and commitment of these organizations and their amazing staff-both paid and volunteer.”



February 2015

  • Amy Farris | Boise | 1-Year Anniversary
    The Women’s & Children’s Alliance“I’d like to donate to the Women’s & Children’s Alliance of Boise because everyone deserves a chance to be happy, especially the kids!”
  • Dustin Harris | Coeur d’Alene | 10-Year Anniversary
    Coeur Group– “I would like to contribute to the Coeur Group as we help support almost every organization in our community including most the other 501C3’s with our time and efforts!”
  • Irma Espitia | Medford | 1-Year Anniversary
    American Heart Association“My son Jose was diagnosed with Carotid Artery Disease, Coercion of the Aorta, and was found to have a defect in his Tricuspid Valve at a the age of 3. I was devastated and quite ignorant in how the heart works and how it can repaired to say the least. Jose had his first surgery to repair his Aorta at the age of 3 and then had a second heart surgery at the age of 15. Jose is now 35 years old and is a strong healthy young man who is married and has wonderful children. My son’s heart surgeon Dr. Stanger of the University of San Francisco was the one who first introduced me the American Heart Association.”
  • Josh Richard | Spokane | 5-Year Anniversary
    Wounded Warrior Project“As a military veteran this organization’s mission is near and dear to my heart. I truly believe we all share in the responsibility to give back to the men and women who sacrifice so much to protect our way of life.”
  • Keith Schnider | Great Falls | 10-Year Anniversary
    Central Montana District 6, Human Resources Development Council“This organization assists numerous programs: state displaced homemaker, workforce investment act, employment-related referrals, childcare resources & referral, women, infants & children, section 8 rental assistance, emergency assistance, low income energy assistance, low income weatherization, and energy share. They cover six different counties to provide all of these services. It’s important to remember that if we help the people that need assistance then it will make a better community to live in here in the small population State of Montana.”
  • Lucy Normandeau | Billings | 30-Year Anniversary
    St. John’s Lutheran Ministries“My mom lived on campus the last 3 years of her life and thoroughly enjoyed being ‘queen’ for a day every day. They were wonderful to work with and they looked after mom compassionately and she would receive special attention each morning. Her staff always made sure she had a fresh hot cup of coffee at her bedside when she woke up. They are truly amazing, kind, gentle people who are on staff. St Johns means what they say, you stay on campus as long as you want to be there and they will treat you no different tomorrow than they did yesterday. The Resident Fund helps those who are confined to a small Medicare amount and gives them the opportunity to feel special and wanted.  That is really important for their wellbeing and to have something to look forward to.”
  • Shannon Moran-Hausler | Bozeman | 1-Year Anniversary
    Tiny Tails K-9 Rescue–  “This organization is near and dear to my heart because growing up we always adopted dogs that needed homes. I have carried on that tradition in our family!” http://www.tinytailsk-9rescue.com/
  • Therese Dickey | Billings | 15-Year Anniversary
    Billings Montana Family YMCA- “The donation was matched dollar for dollar by Scheels Corporation.”
  • Wendy Caldwell | Great Falls | 15-Year Anniversary
    American Cancer Society“This illness has been a topic for “many” for way to long. Hopefully a cure is on its way, until than every dollar counts! Personally cancer has attacked my father and sister at a very young age (early 50’s). Taken them from both my family and friends way before their time. As a young adult watching a family member work through this illness has been life changing!”


January 2015

  • Andrea Sutton | Billings | 1-Year Anniversary
    McCone County Senior Center-This organization is in my hometown of Circle, MT, which has a large demographic of citizens 65+. The McCone County Senior Center gives back to the elderly people in the community; providing them with many great resources, activities, and events.”
  • Dave Purcell | Billings | 30-Year Anniversary
    Billings Catholic Schools-They are a tremendous asset to our community. Students receive a strong education, develop good leadership skills and are well prepared for college. They receive a Christian based education with smaller class sizes.”
  • Devan Hoiness | Billings | 5-Year Anniversary
    Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch- “I’ve been involved with the Boys & Girls Club for the past 3 years because they make a huge impact in helping youth in our community have a chance to get a head in life.  It provides a place for kids to have positive role models and to learn.”
  • Diana Deyo | Great Falls | 10-Year Anniversary
    Great Falls Children’s Receiving Home- “This is a wonderful charity. My reason to donate to this charity is because of the children. I lost my son 7 years ago to a car accident. Children are very important and no child should not have somewhere safe to go when they need help. My son was not perfect. He had some issues and we did butt heads a lot but I would trade anything to have those times again. He luckily had friends and family that he could turn to when he needed. The kids that the receiving home help sometimes do not have this luxury.”
  • Donna Kramer | Kalispell | 10-Year Anniversary
    Alzheimer’s Association Montana – My sweet mother is currently in a memory care unit here in Kalispell with alzheimer’s. While it is a very sad disease, I choose to enjoy the time I have with my mom and help her through this phase of her life’s journey.  It’s been a surprising journey for me and I love visiting mom and all those people in mom’s unit. I donate my extra time there – all they need is love and patience and compassion and surprisingly I have found I can offer that to them very easily. All it costs me is a little time and a piece of my heart.”
  • Katy Geuin | Coeur d’Alene | 1-Year Anniversary
    Pacific Northwest Animal Welfare Project– “I have a soft spot for animals, so I was hoping to donate to the Pacific Northwest Animal Welfare Project. Not only do they provide funds for food and animal care, but they help people who can’t afford the cost of vet bills so our furry friends don’t get stuck in a shelter. I recently adopted an Australian Shepard-mix, and I can’t imagine having to give him up for financial reasons.”
  • Pam Chapin | Billings | 30-Year Anniversary
    Help for Homeless Pets
  • Shanda Broere | Helena | 15-Year Anniversary
    Joyce Arms Memorial- “This is an annual barrel racing fundraiser the takes the profits and donates them to various organizations. Joyce Arms was the Mom of a friend of mine, Tammy Thompson. Joyce suffered a fatal head injury while competing in barrel racing. Tammy works to promote the use of helmets in barrel racing and also for people to have an awareness of Traumatic Brain Injuries. In 2015, they are donating to the Montana Make A Wish organization. The barrel race is going to be held in Helena this year at the Hooves & Stalls Arena and the event is towards the end of March.”
  • Shane O’Connell | Missoula | 1-Year Anniversary
    Travelers’ Rest Preservation and Heritage Association-I have been involved with TRPHA in some form for the last 3 years, and it has been an exciting time. We are working to let the community know the place our “backyard” has in history. Travelers Rest State Park is the site of the only archaeologically verified campsite of Lewis and Clark, which is pretty impressive to me. The site dates back 10,000 years as a crossroads for Native Americans long before the expedition made their way through on the way to, and from the Pacific.”
  • Sherry Daniels | Billings | 20-Year Anniversary
    Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch- “With roots going back to 1957, YBGR has helped more than 10,000 youth work through and resolve severe conflicts in their young lives that most of cannot imagine. YBGR has positively impacted many lives in our community and beyond and their mission continues to grow daily. I would be honored to have PWI to make a contribution to them in my name.”

December 2014

  • Beverly Wise | Stevensville | 15-Year Anniversary
    Bitterroot Dragon Brigade– “They are a Non-Profit Tae Kwon-Do youth group.  My grandson has been part of this group since his was six and it has helped him tremendously with self-control and tolerance .He is now a 1st degree black belt and loves the sport and the teachings. They emphasize strength in mind, body and spirit.  Helping others, protecting other, standing up for those who can’t protect themselves.  They are taught that TKD is a for self-defense and they must never start a fight.  Helps them see that there are many sides to all things and issues and everyone has a different view – and that is okay.”
  • Derek Atwood | Portland | 1-Year Anniversary
    Susan G. Komen- My family would like the contribution to go to Susan G. Komen in honor of my mother (Gramma PJ) who we lost to breast cancer in 2000, far too soon. The Atwood family participates in the Portland Race for the Cure every year to support the cause and reflect on family.”
  • Michael Reggiani | Portland | 1-Year Anniversary
    North Clackamas Education Foundation – Target Gift Program-  “As you may be aware, when the government sets the ‘free and reduced” lunch guidelines, some children become excluded from the Federal program due to their parent’s income just being a few dollars over the cut off limits. The outcome is these families still cannot afford to purchase a school lunch nor do they have the income to send their child with a ‘home’ lunch. As a result, the children have little or nothing to eat during the school day. Two years ago, the teachers at Rowe Middle School organized themselves to respond to the need and developed a way to purchase breakfast and lunches for these students. The school district is covering the cost for breakfast, $1.85 each, but could not assist with the lunch cost. So, the teachers took it upon themselves and collected over $2000 dollars to create an ‘everyone can get a lunch’ fund without asking why. This protects the student from public humiliation while in the lunch line, the school’s social worker will follow up with the student to sort out the reasons in a private setting. The fund started with $2000 last spring and as children do, once one child found out they could get a lunch, they started to talk and word of the program spread. The $2000 was used up by the end of September 2014 and just recently my Rotary Club Foundation donated $3,500 to replenish the fund.”
  • Morgan Hirschenberger | Missoula | 10-Year Anniversary
    Reach Inc.
  • Teresa Darby | Bozeman | 5-Year Anniversary
    Heart of the Valley Shelter

November 2014

  • Amber Bauer | Missoula | 5-Year Anniversary
    Garden City Harvest– “Garden City Harvest is an organization that strives to build community through agriculture by growing produce with and for people with low-incomes, offering education and training in ecologically conscious agriculture, and using its sites for the personal restoration of youth and adults. Having grown up on a farm, one of my favorite Garden City Harvest programs is the Farm to School program. Farm to School educates Missoula’s youth through farm field trips, school gardens, summer camps, and in the classroom. The goal is to connect youth to their food and where it is grown by encouraging the exploration of connections between food, agriculture, science, and their everyday lives.”
  • Jean Zohner | Missoula | 20-Year Anniversary
    Cystic Fibrosis Foundation– “I would like my donation to go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Why is this foundation near and dear to me? A good friend of mine (and my hair dresser) lost her twin boys to Cystic Fibrosis. Her son Brandon pasted away in 2003 at the age of 19 and her son Blaine, just recently passed away in August. He had just turned 30. Blaine received a double lung transplant in 2011 and was doing great until his body started to reject them in 2013. Blaine dedicated his life to finding a cure and helping others with CF so his last wish was for everyone he knew to become an organ donor and/or make a donation to the CF Foundation. Thanks so much for this gift. I know that Gerri and her family will greatly appreciate it.”
  • Kathy Watson | Billings | 10-Year Anniversary
    MS Society– “In honor of my brother, Pat Moyer, who passed away July 17, 2010, please donate to the MS Society. There is no cure. This donation will help fund much needed research and provide services to people with MS.”
  • Lois Lee | Bozeman | 1-Year Anniversary
    Eagle Mount Bozeman– “I’ve chosen to go with Eagle Mount Bozeman. I’ve worked with this organization for several years in an insurance capacity and they do great things for our community. Their main focus is to help those who are disabled live a normal life. Some of the things they are able to do are pretty amazing. For example, they have special ski equipment to help those who cannot walk ski again.”

October 2014

  • Brandy Vanderwood | Billings | 1-Year Anniversary
    New Life Church– “This is my church. It is very dear to my heart. They have been there for my family in the worst and the best times. Each member of the church is a family and takes care of all the members of the family. They are always there to help when you need them. They do many things for the community and reach to many parts of the world spreading the word of  God and helping those in need. I would like the donation to go to them.”
  • Casey Galloway | Missoula | 10-Year Anniversary
    Travelers’ Rest Preservation and Heritage Association– “Please donate to Travelers’ Rest Preservation and Heritage Association (TRPHA). TRPHA partners with Montana State Parks to promote and preserve Travelers’ Rest State Park in Lolo, Montana.”  www.travelersrest.org
  • Jaci Johnson | Missoula | 10-Year Anniversary
    Montana HOPE Project“This organization grants wishes for Montana’s critically ill children. MT Hope Project began 1984 by MT highway Patrol officers and they have granted 385 wishes to date.  They do different things for each child and families depending on needs lots of them get trips as well shopping sprees, special bicycles, and entertainment centers, dream rooms and other things each wish cost about $6000.00. The reason I want to donate to this charity is in the past my Dad would pick the kid and there family in a limo and take them to the airport to their wish vacation it was very special. He has donated his old pickup to their auction to raise money. It’s good organization to be a part of to help Montana kids.”
  • Janice Neubauer | Butte | 10-Year Anniversary
    Rialto Community TheaterThis beautiful, historical theater has weekly movies and is also used as a community auditorium for school functions and other special events. The entire town came together to get the theater up and running after it was gutted by a fire in  2006. The Butte/Deer Lodge Office of Western States Insurance spent a Community Day painting in the Rialto not long before it was re-opened. The theater was the recipient of a $5000 Safeco Community Hero Award that was presented to Steve Owens, who was instrumental in getting the theater up and running again. I submitted the application for that award.  As you can tell, the theater is very special to me.”
  • Jeanne Massey | Missoula | 1-Year Anniversary
    Mountain Home Montana– “This is a Missoula organization that provides housing, support and mental health services to young pregnant women. As I was a young single mother myself I understand and appreciate the need for this in the Missoula community and would like to support it if I can. Thank you so much  for donating in my name. PayneWest has truly been an amazing company to work for.”
  • Kelley Macpherson | Boise | 20-Year Anniversary
    Corpus Christi House– “I would like to have my anniversary donation go to the Corpus Christi House. During community week, I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Corpus Christi House, which is a daytime drop-in shelter in Boise for the homeless. Since then, I have gone back several times to volunteer in their clothing closet, with the initial task of organizing the clothing. I have made a commitment to the shelter to volunteer a few days a month in the closet to help the guest select clothing and to try to keep it organized and stocked with the appropriate clothing for the weather. It is important to note that the shelter is completely run by volunteers and is almost completely run off of donations. They try to provide nutritious meals, access to a phone, a mailing address, an education center, restroom / shower, clean clothing and shelter from the weather.”
  • Lauree Ferda | Fort Benton | 1-Year Anniversary
    Fort Benton Community Improvement Association– “Fort Benton is a small town but a beautiful place with beautiful people and a lot of important Montana history to preserve. I would like to have the donation go to the Community Improvement Association to help preserve our unique setting and history so we can share it with the rest of the world.”
  • Shelley Loranger | Hamilton | 25-Year Anniversary
    Bitterroot Humane Society– “I love animals and we are so fortunate to have a no-kill shelter here in Hamilton. The staff and volunteers that work at the shelter have huge hearts and are always striving to find good homes for the cats and dogs. They are always in need of funds for food and supplies and medical expenses.”  SAFE- “SAFE is a tremendous organization that provides shelter for men, women and children facing domestic violence. They provide temporary and long term shelter. A representative from SAFE came to a Lions Club meeting this past week and talked about the daily expenses they have for things as simple as paper products. We all take basic household supplies for granted.”

September 2014

  • Barbara Halsey | Albany | 10-Year Anniversary
    American Cancer Society– “With regard to the donation… the charitable organization was not difficult for me… hands down the American Cancer Society. I have stage 4 lung cancer. Donations like this made research possible that developed medication that has allowed me the privilege of being able to work and complete this 10 year anniversary. Thank you so much for the donation. Every single dollar helps.”
  • Candace Stockton | Medford | 1-Year Anniversary
    CASA of Jackson County– “Each year, Jackson County CASA assists more than 500 children that have become wards of the court. Unfortunately, there is still a gap in the help CASA can provide. There is a waiting list due to shortfalls in funding and the need for more volunteers. Your gifts help us to reduce that gap and focus on the dream of closing in the gap and giving every child that finds themselves in this situation hope, support and guidance. Your assistance strengthens our local community by building a better home life and future for the next generation.”
  • Cara Piccono | Great Falls | 20-Year Anniversary
    McLaughlin Research for MS– “My sister has MS and I’ve seen the negative effects of this disease.”
  • Christina Reilly| Butte | 1-Year Anniversary
    Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Kevin Veleke | Richland | 35-Year Anniversary
    Kadlec Neurological Resource Center “Kadlec Neurological Resource Center is an extension of Kadlec Regional Medical Center (Richland, WA) that provides resources and assistance on a vast array of neurological disorders. KNRC provides education and support to people with neurological disorders, their families, caregivers, and the community on more than 30 of the most prevalent chronic neurological disorders. Their caregivers and parents also benefit from participation in support groups.”
  • Rich Begger | Billings | 25-Year Anniversary
    Heights Exchange Club– “I have been a member of the Heights Exchange club here in Billings since 1987. Our mission is for the prevention of child abuse along with child in need for our area schools. We also promote youth in our schools with annual scholarships. There are so many kids that struggle with home life and the stories we hear back from our support is very rewarding. Even though it is very small, we help in making a difference to a few.”
  • Suzanne Lindsay | Missoula | 1-Year Anniversary
    Garden of Angels– “Garden of Angels provides dignified burials for abandoned, deceased children in California but more importantly, began the safe surrender for newborns programs that now exist in 47 states to protect unwanted children and prevent the tragedy of newborn abandonment through education and outreach programs.”

 August 2014

  • Cheryl Moore | Richland | 5-Year Anniversary
    Make-A-Wish Foundation– “My charity of choice is Make-A-Wish Foundation/WA chapter. Our corvette club helps to raise funds for this organization every year and it is an awesome cause. Helping these sick children and their families realize a dream or just being allowed to not think about the illness is quite outstanding and can be very emotional.”
  • David Deurwaarder | The Dalles | 20-Year Anniversary
    Wamic Rural Fire Foundation“This non-profit group is in support of the local all volunteer, non-tax based fire & EMS department. The department has 95 square miles to respond to with older equipment and aged volunteers (like myself) that give of their time to respond to emergency situations that range from house fires, wild land fires, vehicle accidents not to mention heart attacks and drug overdoses. These people are usually the first on the scene to help the access the situation and decide what needs to be done. All these operations are funded solely by donations from various sources and I am proud that I can to my part to further this mission.”
  • John Moran | Missoula | 35-Year Anniversary
    Watson Children’s Shelter- “I first became aware of this shelter when I worked for the United Way campaign in the late ’80’s. We took a tour of the shelter, and it struck me then how very vulnerable these children were and how special the people who cared for them were. It is sad to say that the need is even greater today than it was 25 years ago, but it’s also nice to know that the Shelter is still there for these kids.”
  • Karen Rimestad | Helena | 15-Year Anniversary
    Angel Fund-Stuff the Bus-“I feel that education is important and in order to learn, you need the correct tools and supplies. Being a parent of a 11 year old, the supplies can be very costly. I know that it can be humiliating and degrading for a kid to show up for the first day of school with their  older sister’s hand- me-down backpack when all the other kids have brand new backpacks. If it takes a new backpack to put a smile on their face and give them a positive attitude, they’ll want to learn. They are the future and what they learn in their early years is who they’ll be as an adult.”
  • Patti Harcharik | Billings | 35-Year Anniversary
    Salvation Army“I would like to donate the money to the Salvation Army for the good of the community.”
  • Mike Feezor | Coeur d’Alene | 15-Year Anniversary
    Kinderhaven of Sandpoint“This organization does great work as a group foster care facility for children in crisis. For a better explanation of their work I would encourage you to visit their website at kinderhavensandpoint.com.”
  • Shawn Wilson | Spokane Valley | 10-Year Anniversary
    Union Gospel Mission of the Inland Northwest-“Not only is the Mission one of our clients, but the Altmeyer family (multiple generations of them), whom I know very well, and the work they have consistently done over the years, in our community, has been phenomenal. Not only do they have the Men’s Mission, and all of its subsidiaries, offering assistance to those in need, but more importantly, doing it in such a way as to “build the men up”, giving them skills to make it in the job market today, rejoining them with their families, but they also have Anna Ogden Hall for Women, doing a fabulous job, as well, helping women in crisis. The Missions’ work is near and dear to my heart, and represents the true meaning of “lending a helping hand.”
  • Vicki Evans | Billings | 30-Year Anniversary
    St. John’s Lutheran Ministries– “Our Family has been active with St John’s since it’s conception. My folks were involved as volunteers from the start, and as a child I accompanied my Mother regularly and literally learned to walk in the halls there.   Our family has an annual tradition of decorating a Christmas Tree in the Chapel Court dining hall, and we celebrated the 50th year of doing so this past Christmas. In 50 years, I have only missed twice, both times due to illness. The Resident Needs Fund assists residents with little financial resources to pay for some everyday items. Both of my parents were residents at St John’s at the time of their passing, and I know how much those “little things” can mean to a resident.”

July 2014

  • Laura Chouinard | Great Falls | 1-Year Anniversary
    Montana Wounded Warrior Project– “This organization is near and dear to me for many reasons: My father was a Vietnam Veteran, and only recently has been able to share his story with others.  I have seen how the power of healing occurs through being able to share those past memories and reach out to the brothers they served worth, and how many lives have been transformed in the process.  Our men and women in the military fight everyday so that we can live a free life, and all too often I think we forget to reach out and thank them for their service.”
  • Jody Hampshire | Spokane | 1-Year Anniversary
    Blessings Under One Bridge“This is a great organization here in the Spokane Valley which feeds the homeless on Wednesday nights. My son and I volunteered multiple times this winter and it was a great experience especially for my spoiled 15 year old. In the beginning my son got tears in his eyes when the small children showed up in the freezing cold. I was always touched by how gracious the people were.”
  • Shane Robertson | Boise | 1-Year Anniversary
    National Multiple Sclerosis Society“I’m sure that most everyone can point out that friend they grew up with who’s parent / parent’s really made an impact on who they are today. this for me would be Marty Florin, an absolutely amazing woman. Marty was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1979. She eventually succumb to the disease, and passed on March 29th, 2011. As we were growing up Marty always had her game face on, and never let us know if she was having a good or bad day. We watched this amazing woman battle through a multitude of surgeries, and daily pain. She taught us to never give up. This is why The National MS Society is near and dear to my heart.”  
  • Sherri Stroh | Spokane | 1-Year Anniversary
    Union Gospel Mission“I would like to donate to Union Gospel Mission here in Spokane. My son’s father works for UGM in their motors division so I have seen firsthand how many people their program is helping. The program allows men and women to gain skills and learn a trade while on their path to recovery. In turn, the mission is then able to provide the community with an honest car buying experience.”
  • Stephanie Radke | Missoula | 1-Year Anniversary
    Tough Enough to Wear Pink of Montana “I would like to donate to this organization because someone very close to me is being treated for breast cancer right now.”
  • Tracy Hoiness | Billings | 35-Year Anniversary
    Tumbleweed Runaway Program– “There is a tremendous need for a transitional living program for youth in Billings. Last year, Tumbleweed served 1,254 youth and families with crisis counseling and mediation and placed 126 homeless youth in alternative housing. Children in our community are living alone without basic needs, on our streets – we have 10 year old homeless children living by themselves! Tumbleweed is a nonprofit organization serving our runaway children, homeless and otherwise at risk youth and their families through advocacy, education and individualized services.”

June 2014

  • Annette Good | Madras | 1-Year Anniversary
    Brightside Animal Center“We adopted our two cats from Brightside six years ago. Brightside is always in the news, rescuing animals from neglect and unloving situations, they bring them back to a healthy state and put the animals up for adoption. The staff is almost all volunteer. We donate all of our cans, which goes toward kibbles for k-9’s and kittens.”
  • Brian Daubert | Billings | 5-Year Anniversary
    Fisher House Foundation-As a military veteran myself I understand the impact that service can have on individuals and their families and the struggles that they can be faced with.  I feel as a country we sometimes forget the sacrifices that have been made for the freedoms we all enjoy today.  The funding to help veterans, active duty service and their families in times of difficulties is lacking so I like to support those that continue to protect our privileged country.”
  • Emily BecktoldBaker City | 1-Year Anniversary
    Vineyard  Christian Fellowship
    – “All of the aspects of the Vineyard Boise exemplify what I love so much – that the church believes in practical participation.  Whatever you are passionate about, be it the environment, reducing poverty, business, gardening, sewing, art, medicine, international justice, teaching, music, or anything else, you can get involved in that area and use your gifts and passions to impact people for Jesus.  That is their whole goal, and they both encourage and facilitate it well.”
  • Jessica Formhals | Whitefish | 10-Year Anniversary
    Columbia Falls Junior High Band-“The reason I chose the band program is because my daughter started playing the flute last year in 6th grade. She has thrived in the band program and so have a lot of other kids. I sometimes think the music programs get overlooked when it comes to extracurricular activities and I know the band program at our Junior High will greatly benefit from this donation & it will be put to good use.”
  • Karin Caicedo | Boise | 1-Year Anniversary
    JDRF-“My son, Christian was diagnosed 2 weeks before his 15th birthday as a Type 1 diabetic.  He is now 18, graduating High School and has managed his diabetes like a rock star!   JDRF continues to work towards finding a cure for T1D . Treatment options continue to improve and Christian can lead a full and active life.”
  • Kathy Miller | Richland | 1-Year Anniversary
    The Chaplaincy– They serve our community with impeccable spiritual, emotional and physical care through hospice care, grief support and chaplain services.  I have seen their love and care extended to my family as well as to many others.  What a GIFT they are to our community.” 
  • Patricia Hendershott | Kalispell | 20-Year Anniversary
    Wounded Warrior Project
    – “I don’t feel like veterans are being respected and honored enough for all that they have done for us!”
  • Brendan Riley | Helena | 1-Year Anniversary
    Prickly Pear Land Trust– “Helena is very fortunate to have an organization like PPLT to build relationships and serve as stewards for the public to keep these opportunities available. I believe that our recreational opportunities that PPLT helps provide and maintain here in Helena also benefits our economy by drawing tourism and helps our support our local businesses.”
  • Shannon Jensen | Billings | 10-Year Anniversary
    Easter Seals-Goodwill – PLAY Project– “I recently had the opportunity to learn about the project through our colleague and my mentor, Lori Fearon.  She introduced me to the amazing women who provide resources to those with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  The conversation struck a personal chord with me, as I am a parent of a child with a mild ASD diagnosis.  The PLAY project provides at home, hands-on training to help parents make meaningful connections with their child through practical applications, thus enhancing his/her communication and social skills.  As I learned more about the program, I realized the benefits our family could have obtained had we known about it early on.  I choose to support this organization to increase awareness for other parents struggling to connect with their child and appreciate PayneWest’s continued commitment to our communities and this program, specifically.”

May 2014

  • Becky Shinn | Baker City | 1-Year Anniversary
    Multiple Sclerosis Foundation – “My mom was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at a young age, raising 5 children, which kept her very busy.  She was a very active woman with ambitions and goals, who loved her family, life, and God, living life to the fullest.  I remember her greatest fear was losing mobility. Although she did eventually lose complete mobility, she never lost her zeal for life.  When we as a family could no longer take care of her, she ended up in a nursing home, where her mom had been and her father was.  Even after her husband, our dad, passed away, she kept on going, giving life to everyone she came in contact with choosing to laugh instead of cry.  She never gave up on people or on life.  Her family and friends were proud to be a part of her life, sharing in her joys and sorrows.  She passed away March 18, 2009.  My hope is to find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis.  My aspiration in life is to live to the fullest with love for my family, life and God following in my mom’s footsteps.”

  • Heather Wagner | Billings | 1-Year Anniversary
    Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter“This awesome organization advocates for and takes on all of our city’s homeless pets and strives to find them all the forever homes they deserve.  They generally only euthanize as a last resort and make every effort including training, therapy and foster homes to ensure that all of these pets have the best chance possible to be part of a family.  They are also considered an “open door” shelter, meaning that they will not turn any animal from the city of Billings away regardless of health, temperament or age.”
  • Michele Fox | Billings | 1-Year Anniversary
    Billings Catholic Schools
    “I strongly believe in the Catholic School education and the smaller class sizes they offer.  The teachers are great and are there for the students, not the paychecks.  The Christian based education is an awesome asset to the student’s daily lives.”
  • Rhonda Schultz | Billings | 1-Year Anniversary
    Tumbleweed Runaway Program“ The Billings Downtown office colleagues have helped support this organization with donations and having been a foster parent for several years, I have some understanding of the struggles and needs of children & teens who are not provided with a safe & healthy home environment.”
  • Rob Swallow | Medford | 5-Year Anniversary
    Youth for ChristYFC is an organization dedicated to assisting and supporting the youth of Southern Oregon. With a focus on abandoned, ignored, and troubled kids, YFC provides mentors, youth programs, after school workshops, and juvenile justice support for kids all over the valley. They have had huge success in transforming kid’s lives for the better.
  • Sarah Bunton | Helena | 5-Year Anniversary
    Helena Food Share – During one of our community weeks last year, I was fortunate enough to participate and help out at the location for an afternoon.  It was so eye-opening to me and I realized that sometimes I can take for granted the fact that I and my family are very blessed to have plenty of good food to eat all the time.”
  • Sherry Partlow | Helena | 10-Year Anniversary
    God’s Love- “I chose God’s Love because it’s a place PayneWest does community service  every month of the year and I’ve seen the real need up close.”